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The Pacem ConcordePacem, libertatem, iustitiae!

Peace, Liberty, Justice!




Capital Pacem City
Coordinates 200, -1700, Drakontas
Official Languages English
Demonyn Pacemians
Government Platonic Republic
Leader (Chancellor) File:/3/shtim.png Shtim, elected on 13/9/16
Ideology Liberty, Nationalism
Established August 2016
Population ~15


The Pacem Concorde

The Pacem Concorde, with its capital of Pacem, is a nation in the very North of the Drakontas shard. The Pacem Concorde was established one day after the launch date by a few players and has since developed into a larger city.

An Introductionary Video

Political Ideology

As with many other nations, internal politics was not of major importance during the early stages of establishment. The people of Pacem [Later to be named the Pacem Concorde] worked together without the need for direct leadership. After the initial stages of development however, a national identity was firmly established and political ideas began to cement themselves.

The Pacem Concorde is run on several basic principles, none of which are formally enforced but all of which are respected by members of the nation. These principles involve basic comradeship, the freedom to undertake individual actions, and the sacredness of individual thought. In turn, these principles are reinforced by a sense of national pride, the continuous ambition to make the Pacem Concorde a safe, developed nation for all.

Internal Politics

The Pacem Concorde falls under the term "Platonic Republic". There is a mixture of elected and non-elected officials. The system was created by the now Directorate Members, and is designed to avoid all levels of corruption, while ensuring that government intervention is at a minimum.

The Chancellor of the Concorde

The Chancellor is an elected official and main figure head of the Pacem Concorde. Elected on a Monthly basis, the Chancellor is elected by popular vote. All citizens of the Concorde, no matter how long they have been citizens for, can run and vote for Chancellor. The Chancellor is part of the executive branch (The Directorate) and sets the overall agenda for the Directorate of 3 as well being the overall figurehead for external internal diplomacy. The Chancellor can be removed from power by the Peoples Assembly, with a 4/5ths majority. New elections will take place shortly after.

The Directorate

At the top of the political system is the Directorate, a small group of individuals most of whom are not elected, but chosen by the Chancellor. The Directorate is responsible for all legislature; acting as the main government body for the Pacem Concorde.

Individual players can only become Directorate Members by invite from the Chanellor of the Concorde, or by recommendation of the People's Assembly (in case one of the Directorate members resigns) . Furthermore, Directorate Members [not the Chancellor] can only be dismissed by a 2/3's majority in the Directorate, or a 4/5's majority in the People's assembly. The Nation of Pacem is run by 3 Directorate Members (Including the Chancellor).

During the initial stages of founding, the Pacem Concorde was ruled by Shtim and Rambete, both acting as temporary Directorate Members.

The People's Assembly

The People's Assembly is a group of five players, all of whom are elected into the Assembly. Members of the People's Assembly are referred to as 'Praetors' or more simply 'Representatives' . The main aim of the Assembly is to ensure that the Directorate is not misusing their powers, and thus they are able to remove any Directorate Member without fearing expulsion themselves. The peoples assembly needs a 3/5th majority to expel a directorate member, and a 4/5th's majority to expel the Chancellor of the Concorde.

People's Assembly elections are every month; the first will be held in September 2016. Representatives have no term limit, but are expected to not exceed 2 terms in power.

Notable Buildings

Pacem, the capital of the Pacem Concorde, contains many notable buildings; all unique and different. Within the Pacem Concorde, the building style has been unified to a modernistic, yet detailed style, making use of locally soured materials such as wood, stone and bricks.

Within the capital, there are 3 distinct districts. To the North is the townhouse district, here players can build townhouses that are up to 3 stories tall. To the South is Downtown Pacem, where buildings can be as tall as 20 floors. From North to South, the buildings get taller gradually, creating one unified city.

The Pacem Heights Apartment Block

Located on the centre square, the Pacem Heights apartment block was the first building to exceed the 2 floor boundary. At an impressive 5 floors tall (22 meters) , it was the tallest structure in early Pacem. The Pacem Heights apartment block houses 3 - 4 players and is one of the most recognizable builds in the city due to the use of large scale lettering- spelling out “PACEM”.

The Grand Pacem Hotel

The Grand Pacem Hotel was started just after the initial construction started on the Pacem Heights Apartments. The building, although being around the same height as the Pacem Heights Apartment, contains only 3 floors; portraying the tall ceilings and high luxury living.

Originally at only 20 blocks tall, the Grand Pacem Hotel became the tallest structure in Pacem after the installation of the upper tower, one week after initial construction. It’s current height lies at 27 blocks tall, which made it the tallest building in Pacem in early August. Currently, the building still remains the tallest building on the central square, providing accommodation for miners traveling to Ulca Felya and traders traveling further south into Drakontas.

Unity Fountain

Unity fountain is located on the lowered town square, and acts as a social gathering point for citizens of Pacem. The fountain was built to commemorate the founding of Pacem and also acts as reminder to all citizens that we strive for peace and justice.

There is a sign on the Eastern side of the fountain, thanking the people of Haven, who originally cleared the land for the people of Pacem to settle on. The fountain reminds all Pacemians that peace and cooperation is the best way for all nations to prosper and develop.

File:/3/groups/schermafbeelding 2016-08-16 om 15.03.24.png Pacem Heights Apartments
File:/3/groups/schermafbeelding 2016-08-16 om 15.03.12.png The Grand Pacem Hotel
File:/3/groups/schermafbeelding 2016-08-16 om 15.03.33.png Unity Fountain
File:/3/groups/2gkt0pll.jpg Unity Square, Midtown
File:/3/groups/l5hlilsl.jpg Unity Square, Midtown