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LOCHERÜM Land Cinder and Ressurection
Capital Locherüm
Demonyn Lords
Government Oligarchy
Supreme Lord Griffusu
Minor Lords Readfish, Gggzzzman, Pistascho
Establishment 2016



Locherum was a city in civcraft 3.0, as well as in intcraft. As of August 24, 2016, the city is largely defunct and controlled by the Germanians.


Locherüm has existed many times in many different places. The only thing that changed was the name.

/Int/craft Part 1

Once upon a time there was a server called /Int/craft. Well, there still is actually, it's just down right now or something and... nevermind. Anyway there was a server called /Int/craft. It was a server where nations were born and destroyed. On this server a group of buddies created the great nation of Singapore, with insanely ugly cobblestone walls reaching towards the sky.

This queer little nation wanted allies, so they approached the shitty nation of Sri Lanka and asked them to be buddies with them. "Sure, we'll be friends with you. Only after you give us 40 stacks of gravel!" the fuckers said with a grin. But, as Aesop always said, "You can't buy friends with gravel" . After gathering the resources and approaching them with it the Buddy Bunch of Singapore was slaughtered and robbed cold. "Tricked you! Muahahahaa" the dumbfucks chuckled. This meant war.

File:/2015-07-15 23.53.43.png
Old Singapore at Morning
File://2015-07-09 04.08.13.png
Old Singapore at Night

War with Sri Lanka

After ammassing...amasing...amassing? After gathering weapons and armour the Buddy Bunch was prepared for war. They got in their boats and set sail for Sri Lanka. But the Sri Lankans weren't online so the Buddy Bunch went to bed. The next day they did the same thing but this time the Sri Lankans were online. They declared the war and started the invasion but the fuckhead admin was like "Nuh uh you don't have a good enough reason for war lol" so he slayed the Buddy Bunch in their tracks. Apparently according to rules they didn't have good enough reason for war. Well a few days later the rules changed and for a third time the Buddy Bunch went to war with Sri Lanka and started the attack. The Sri Lankans logged before the invasion could start. This happened ten more times before they gave up.

A few days later after the city was getting hit by a particularly unfortunate case of Yellow Fever the Sri Lankans arrived. Not being nerds the Buddy Bunch didn't log and instead went down like heroes with their town. They gathered some resources and head for the mountains never to be seen again. Well, they were seen again but the story of what happened in the mountains was pretty uneventful except so I'm not gonna type it out. Singapore was destroyed.

File:/2015-07-15 23.53.36.png

/Int/craft Part 2

A year or so later the Buddy Bunch was back to /Int/craft and ready for more. They created the Kingdom of León and started building. This time they actually made the city look nice and were quite proud of it. The city lasted maybe three days before the admin of server, in an autistic fit of rage, deleted the entire server including backups. That was upsetting.


After travelling across a spider-swamp hellscape, a cave-monster hellscape, and a literal-hell-hellscape the Buddy Bunch finally settled in the Rokko Steppe on Civcraft. Creating the town of Locherüm and ruling over it as Lords of Cinder. They know defeat, and they know the pain of starting over from scratch. But this makes them stronger.

They are the Lords of the Locherüm. They are the bosses of this Gym.

Locherüm vs. Aegis

On the first of August there was a conflict between an Aegis outpost in the Steppe and Locherüm. There are many conflicting reports of what happened. The leader of Locherüm, Griffusu, claims that his party was attacked first and performed a counter-attack. Aegis however claims that it was an unprovoked attack. Minor Lord Gggzzzman was pearled after attempting to make peace talks with the outpost. Negotiations are currently underway.


Lead by Buddy Bunch and cucked by the Germanian empire they rule together as equals. Those who wish to join the city may but unless they cool most likely they'll just be serfs or somethin.

Griffusu is the highest ranking Lord and the one everyone takes orders from for some reason.


They sell wood and wood related accessories to shards who are deprived of it.

They wish to sell wheat as well...

and that's it