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Holy Kotetsu EmpireHoly Ironclad Empire


<wrap lo>Motto:</wrap>

"Deo favente, nos stare"
("God Willing, We Will Stand") Unofficial

Capital TBD
Official Languages English, German, Japanese
Demonyn Kotetsus
Government Elective Monarchy
Empress Screenname I
Established April 26th, 2016
Population Several
Abbreviation HKE, HIE
Composed of File:Http:// Akihabara

File:Http:// Falstadt
File:Http:// Gensokyo

Subreddit TBD


The Holy Kotetsu Empire

The Holy Kotetsu Empire (<wrap lo>Full English:</wrap> Holy Ironclad Empire) is a sovereign Empire.




The Holy Kotetsu Empire is divided into the following three member states, called electorates:

Electorate Current Flag/s Incorporation Date Electors
Akihabara April 26th, 2016 Seo
Falstadt April 26th, 2016 BlueSylvaer, AidanvonLoopy, jon2600
Gensokyo April 26th, 2016 Screenname


The Holy Kotetsu Empire currently has no embassies in foreign cities


The HKE is an Elective Monarchy where the Emperor is chosen by the electors. File:/3/groups/ourheroesandourflags.jpg


The Emperor of the Holy Kotetsu Empire presides over the general peace and well-being of all members of the Empire and is to propose resolutions and acts to the Imperial Sessions to fulfill this duty. The Emperor is to visit each Elector territory at least once during his reign, and to attend most grand events held within the Empire and in the name of the Empire abroad. The Emperor is the first spokesperson for political and diplomatic matters for the Empire as a whole, though the Kingdoms override for themselves what the Emperor says. Only the Emperor may suggest the entire Empire going to war together, and his suggestion must be approved or denied by the Electors. In such a war, he acts as the Grand General, responsible for assembling and organizing the Empire’s forces and assets. The Emperor acts as the first mediator in friction between members.

Electing the Emperor

An election must take place at least every 6 months, though the Electors may call for an election no sooner than 2 months after the ascent of the Emperor to the throne. Citizens of the Empire may either make a claim to the throne for themselves or nominate others.


The Electors of the Holy Kotetsu Empire preside over the general politics and order of all members of the Empire and are to propose and vote on resolutions and acts to the Imperial Sessions. Each Elector is to be open to all complaints, praise, and suggestions of those within their territory and dutifully carry these comments to the Imperial Sessions for discussion.

Emperors of the Holy Kotetsu Empire

Photo Coat of Arms Name Title Motto Reign Screenname I von Gensokyo by the grace of God and the will of the people of the Kotetsu Realms, of these ironclad citizens, monarch of the free and holy world, lord supreme over the stars, king in gold and diamond, lord high chancellor over the Electors, defiler of the evil and savior of the many lands, the Holy Emperor of the Kotetsu Empire , Elector of Gensokyo, Queen of Gensokyo Deo Vindice "Under God, Our Vindicator" **April 29th, 2016 - Present **

National Flags

Name of Flag Flag Description
HKE Common Flag

"Flag of the New Old Empire" The red stripe of the flag is taken from the red of Gensokyo and Akihabara's flags, the black stripe is taken from Hjaltland's flag, the white represents purity, and blue is taken from the flag of the old HKE
HKE Battle Flag

"The Defiant Cross" Represents the armed forces of the HKE and serves as the HKE battle flag.