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Gensokyo// 幻想郷 //

Empire HKE
Motto "We will fight to save this land"
Anthem Gensokyo the Gods Loved: Save This Land
Official Languages English


Demonyn Gensokyojin, Yokai, Youks, Mooners, Spooks
Government Royal Autocratic Confederacy
Queen Screenname
Establishment Late 2014
Population Several


The Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo is a royal autocratic confederacy located in the Tiger Woods shard. It is comprised of the states of Izanagi, Kogasa, Yomi, Edimo, Iwanaga, and Erebor, along with a large amount unorganized territory.


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Screenname von Gensokyo
Her Superior Majesty Screenname von Gensokyo


The Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo was established in September, 2014 during 2.0 and carried over into 3.0 after the fall. If you're reading this, suck a fat one ttk.


“That's what's wrong with this city. Liberals just want to open the floodgates, let anyone in, and make hard-working men and women pay for it. Well, you have my permission to beat them with sticks. We won't prosecute. You'd be doing us all a favor.” - Screenname von Gensokyo on the economy.

Gensokyo initially re-established itself as the bustling port city of Galveston in the state of Texas on the island of Soleado. It focuses mainly on tourism, naval supremacy, and white supremacy. The tropical climate allows for large bushels of marijuana to be grown which has allowed weed to become the primary Texan export.

Galveston uses an exciting fiscal model based around theft, murder and extortion. The working classes earn their living by taking a baseball bat to a resident they hope is not too heavily armed. Although not that profitable, hitting a local with a bit of wood can often produce enough to purchase a new murdering knife.

For the intellectual Galveston resident, more money can be made bumping people off, drugs, and other shady deals. Another way to earn money is to become a driver or vigilante. There is no course, or forms to fill in.

Beyond playing the odd slot machine, currency is not really required in Galveston. Ownership of property is a loose term, and is generally based around who won the last fight and ran off with it.

Revenge of King Tuckyashirtin

“Return the slab, or suffer my curse.” - King Tuckyashirtin probably blowing hot air.

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File:/3/groups/king tuckyashirtin.png
King Tuckyashirtin

</WRAP> Unbeknownst to the people of Texas, danger was brewing on the island of Soleado. The vengeful spirit of King Tuckyashirtin, the long dead last ruling monarch of the Asstech Empire, was growing restless. Excavations into the ruins of his temple and subsequent burial site had been going on for weeks, excavating building supplies, artifacts, and anything that looked like it could be sold at a pawn shop. The turning point came with the extraction of the Royal Slab of Tuckyashirtin, a slab chiseled with a list of people that owed the former king money. Fearful he would not be able to extort them later, Tuckyashirtin was determined to get the slab back at all costs. Breaking the bonds of death and returning to the mortal plane, he spent several days trying to break out of his triple sealed coffin. After finding that he was facing the wrong way, having been buried upside down as a joke, he righted himself and escaped.

Meanwhile in Fort Tuckyashirtin, the now ironically named capital building of Galveston, Texas, Screenname was hanging up numerous artifacts recovered from the temple, including the infamous slab. King Tuckyashirtin approached the Fort and demanded the return of his slab, threatening unholy disaster should it not be. In true Gensokyojin fashion, a stand-off occurred. Screenname refused to return the slab, feeling that if somebody wanted it that bad, it must be worth something. She refused to return the slab to him unless he paid a million diamonds for it. Tuckyashirtin would not even entertain the subject. Screenname did not consider some ugly emaciated corpse standing around making terrible sound effects to be a genuine threat but Tuckyashirtin wasn't fucking around.

The first "plague" was to bombard the city with an ungodly amount of newfags, hopefully to overload the city's capacity and destroy its infrastructure by sheer force. In less than a day though these new people were assimilated into Gensokyojin culture and only benefited the city.

The second "plague" was to play terrible terrible touhou remixes over a loudspeaker truck in the city square. This was unsuccessful due to the population's terrible taste in music, and his speaker system was eventually short circuited by the island's ungodly humidity.

The third "plague" was something but nobody was really paying attention, having completely forgotten about the king by this point, the novelty of his appearance having worn off. The new fad at the time was growing oversized fruit. The Galveston Watermelon festival was very successful that year.

Screenname mocked the king, noting he was out of ammo at this point, having only promised three plagues. However, Tuckyashirtin was far from finished. Slowly the sea level began to rise drastically. The rate of the rising ocean would engulf the city within hours. What Tuckyashirtin had failed to account for was the large number of seaworthy vessels docked around the city. Knowing that the jig was finally up but determined to hold onto the slab out of pure spite, Screenname mobilized the population to evacuate on the ships. King Tuckyashirtin attempted to give chase aboard the unoccupied ship, the SS Catpeter, but due to the ship's construction being made almost exclusively out of rocks, he would drown in the attempt.

New World

“This place is a fucking shithole...” - Everyone upon arriving in the new world.

The floods had reshaped the world once known by man. Eventually the flooding subsided and the vast ocean the Gensokyojins sailed diminished into a mighty river and then a not so mighty river. The Gensokyjins had found themselves in a bold new world. A world of a single tree copy-pasted a million times, the only type of tree strong enough to survive the floods. This type of tree unseen before was found to be completely immortal, even leaves separated from the tree's trunk would not die. This new world was a land of absolute despair, something in the air caused people to feel ravenously hungry at all hours of the day and no food could sate this feeling for very long. The canopies of the trees blocked out the sun, its life giving light a foreign concept in this world of darkness.

Quickly the populace began to rebuild what they had lost, confident they'd fucking lose it again soon because ttk is a fickle faggot.


Gensokyo is some unholy cultural abomination comprised of the aesthetics of rural feudal Japan smashed together with the personality of the slavery owning Confederate States of America. Each state's individual culture varies depending on who's in charge that month. Gensokyo has a wide variety of movies and stage plays as well as a large selection of pornography made daily.

Gensokyo for some reason has a very large drug culture with the majority of the government being high and/or drunk at all hours of the day, much to the annoyance of Screenname.


Gensokyo is a Royal Autocratic Confederacy. The Queen operates the country on an international level and is in charge of external affairs.

The States of Gensokyo are entirely autonomous and can operate internally with any system of government they see fit.

National flags

Name of Flag Flag Description
First National Flag

"The Red Taijitu"

File:Http:// National flag of Gensokyo, flown above all Gensokyojin land territories and used to represent Gensokyo in game.
Genskoyjin Royal Flag

"The Rising Star"

File:Http:// Represents the Royal Family of Gensokyo and is used almost exclusively on reddit and in graphics.
Second National

"The Eastern Cross" Represents the honorable people of Gensokyo

States and Flags

State Current Flag/s Incorporation Date Leader
Kogasa File:/3/groups/tatara city.png July 30th, 2016 Screenname
Izanagi File:/3/groups/ecchibold-01.png July 30th, 2016 Topaz
Yomi File:/3/groups/sunderland.png July 30th, 2016 WeskerPawnch
Edimo File:/3/groups/edimo.png July 30th, 2016 Screenname
Iwanaga File:/3/groups/fetch.php.png July 30th, 2016 Muffinpimp
Symphonia File:/3/groups/symphonia.png September 1st, 2016 Ahrimanne

Non City-State Cities and Flags

City Current Flag/s State

Former States and Flags

State Current Flag/s Incorporation Date Leader
Texas March 12, 2014 Screenname
Alaska File:/3/groups/alaska.png May 2nd, 2014 SilentSeeker
Florida File:/3/groups/florida.png May 2nd, 2014 Ahri
Hawaii File:/3/groups/hawaii2.png May 2nd, 2014 Barack Obama

Former Cities and Flags

City Current Flag/s State
Galveston Texas
Petrograd File:/3/groups/flag of saint petersburg russia.svg.png Florida
Norillag File:/3/groups/x5rncyp.png Alaska


Military Flags

Name of Flag Flag Description
Gensokyojin Military Flag

"The Bloodstained Banner" Represents the armed forces of Gensokyo and serves as the default Gensokyojin battle flag
Gensokyojin Naval Jack

"The Eastern Cross" Represents the naval forces of Gensokyo.

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Seal of the Army of the Sanzu


Screenname von Gensokyo holds the title of commander-in-chief of the nation's armed forces and appoints its leaders. The Gensokyo Office of Defence administers the Gensokyo Armed Forces.

Military service is compulsory and citizens are encouraged to maintain their own private arsenals. Gensokyojin forces can be rapidly deployed by the Gensokyo's squadron of amphibious Palanquin Ships, which are capable of flight and sailing. The military operates at least one military base in all Gensokyojin states. The Gensokyojin military is currently locked at DEFCON 1 because Killer_Chris broke the knob on the switchboard. Gensokyo maintains 100 hidden Apocalypse Class Nuclear Missiles at the ready hidden all over the world.

The bulk of Gensokyo's fighting force is the Army of the Sanzu which is comprised of a combination of brigades organized by the Grand General.


Gensokyo boasts the most outrageous non functional military vehicles in the world. The Vice XJ9 Flower Siege Tank is considered the height of Gensokyojin military engineering, boasting twin 500mm Arclite Strike Cannons, and water tight hex-omni treads. It relies on its smaller cousin, the Rika 69A Flower Tank for support in battlefield operations.

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Flower Siege Tank Promo Circa 2015



HKS Seafag

HKS Seafag
Builder S&S Shipyards
Laid Down April 2016
Class and Type Prussia Class Frigate
Armament 4 Gensoykojin Ship Cannons
Speed Moderate

HKS Pissfuck

HKS Pissfuck
Builder S&S Shipyards
Laid Down April 2016
Class and Type Alabama Class Commerce Raider
Armament 4 Gensoykojin Ship Cannons
Speed Fast

HKS Screenname

HKS Screenname
Builder S&S Shipyards
Laid Down April 2016
Class and Type Azuma Class Ironclad
Armament 9 Gensoykojin Ship Cannons
Speed Fucking slow

HKS Boaty McBoatface

HKS Boaty McBoatface
Builder S&S Shipyards
Laid Down May 2016
Class and Type Kotetsu Class Ironclad Ram Warship
Armament 16 Gensoykojin Ship Cannons, 1 Ram


The Official State religion is Daoism. The state officially sponsors militant Daoist groups to spread their message of peace. Other religions are tolerated but followers receive a monthly gift of a burning cross on their lawns from the government.

Public Holidays and Observances

The legal holidays, which are also public holidays, are the following:

  1. New Year’s Day, January 1st.
  2. Birthday of Robert E. Lee, January 19th.
  3. Birthday of Stonewall Jackson, January 21st.
  4. Confederate Memorial Day, April 26th.
  5. Confederate Heroes Day, May 10th.
  6. I Hate Mt. Augusta Day, May 19th.
  7. Independence Day, June 1st.
  8. Birthday of Jefferson Davis, June 3rd.
  9. Flag Day, June 14th.
  10. Gensokyo Day, September 1st.
  11. Yurtstead Memorial Day, September 7th.
  12. Aviation Day, September 11th.
  13. Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November.
  14. Birthday of Screenname, December 19th.
  15. Christmas Day, December 25th.