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Flag of Eclipse

The Flag of Eclipse is the national flag of the Kingdom of Eclipse. This flag is to be flown on all buildings that hold fealty to the King. This is the flag that is to represent Eclipse in game. <WRAP right>

The National flag of Eclipse


Military flags of Eclipse

Name of component Flag Description
Eclipse Security Forces

Flag of the Eclipsian Army during war time.

File:/3/groups/eclipse/battleflag.png Blue diagonal crosses with a dark red field and the seal of Eclipse emblazoned.
Eclipse Kings Guard

Flag that is used by members of the Kings Guard.

File:/3/groups/eclipse/eclipsekingsguard.png Kings personal shield with weapons crossed while, emblazoned on the flag of Eclipse.

State Flags

Name Flag Description
Cornbury Keep

Flag of the Cornbury Keep

File:/groups/nations/eclipse/cornburykeep.png White and blue alternating stripes with a red banner through the middle.
New Haven

Flag of the City of New Haven

File:/groups/nations/eclipse/newhaven.png Gold and blue stripes with a with a field in the top left of a dragon.


Name Emblem Description
Royal Arms

Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Eclipse

File:/3/groups/eclipse/eclipsecoa.png A crown on top with a blue background, and black stripes and double headed eagle within the background.
Eclipse Seal

Royal Seal of King HypironTriferion