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Viridian Czardom

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Czardom of Viridian
Czardom of Viridian
Capital Viridian
Official Languages English
Demonyn Viridian
Government Czardom
Czar tobyt12
Establishment September 6th, 2014
Dissolution September 8th, 2014
Population 89
Today part of National Flag of Viridian Viridian


The short lived Czardom of Viridian was the first government of Viridian between the founding of Viridian and the Reddit Insurrection which initiated the short lived Knights of the Horny Republic. The Czardom government witnessed the tension between the Viridian czarists which favoured a pro-toby anti-reddit sentiment, and a liberal democratic side which favoured an anti-Toby pro-reddit attitude, which exploded during the September 8th Uprising.


"Just a heads up, there's a massive migration into the - + underway from a thread in /v/." -MarcAFK

In the beginning, there was a man now known only as "OP". He lived in a mountain, like a yeti. He was the sort of person whom reddit feared might always come to CivCraft. He did, and he brought the /v/irgins with him. The original cartographer sought a settlement site that would become known as "the Promised Land", featuring the convergence of a number of biomes. One was discovered atop the ruins of a town known as Stoneark, at approximately -2000, 8000. The initial group of 10-15 people began flattening the area. Concerned that a prior settlement existed on the site, Tobyt12, who allegedly talked in capital letters, held a strawpoll. It was decided that the settlers would remain.

Reddit quickly became aware of the settlement, and in response to that attention, several supporters came upon the /v/irgins in diamond armor, with many gifts and lessons for the people. The flattening continued, the fountain and the original castle were constructed.

Disaster struck following tobyt12's job fair, which named HanTzu the Minister of Defense and Prioma the General. Dissatisfied with tobyt12's rule, a revolution brewed. HanTzu and Prioma fled the city, and the revolutionaries recruited on 4chan again. This led to the foundation of the Knights of the Horny Republic and the end of tobyt12's rule.


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