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Proposed Legislation

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Viridian Bill 003 - (Registration of Political Parties) - Pending
Proposed & Sponsored by peramene Relevant Ministry: The Interior It is mandatory to be a part of a formal political organization in order to run in Viridian. These organizations must be based around an ideology and must be able to clearly state said ideology in simple terms. As part of the preparatory phases for each election cycle, The Minister of the Interior will be available or deputize appropriate individuals to do register, categorize, summarize, and facilitate the dissemination of information pertaining to political parties in Viridian. In order to found a political party in Viridian, it is required that one has attained citizenship and, effective December 1st cycle, have voted in prior Viridian elections. Parties must be distinct from each other, and must consist of at least two allied potential candidates who are committed to that party’s platform. The Minister of the Interior will present, at the beginning of each new election cycle, a summary of political parties and eligible candidates within Viridian.
Ministers Voting Results
Sgt_Munter - Minister of Resource Management -
HanTzu - Minister of Foreign Affairs -
peramene - Minister of the Interior veto
Inglip_Summoned - Minister of Infrastructure -
Immelol4 - Minister of Defense -
Kovio - Chancellor -


Viridian Bill 004 - Reddit’s Advocate

Proposed & Sponsored by peramene
Relevant Ministry: The Interior
In recognition of the need to avoid groupthink, the Ministers may designate an individual to sit in on their conversations and, when invited, offer a perspective intentionally designed to advocate for an opposing viewpoint - noting that this is especially important to do in cases of true consensus. This person will only be permitted to speak when called upon to share the opposition view, may not record conversations, and does not possess any additional rights with respect to this office.

In-Progress Legislation

Viridian Bill 005 - Borders with and formal recognition of INTIS

Proposed & Sponsored by peramene
Relevant Ministry: Foreign Affairs
This law recognizes the initial founding of INTIS, a city to the immediate northeast of Viridian, by Kovio and their evolution into an independently-governed and autonomous entity within the greater Chanadian nation. The border at which Viridian territory ceases and INTIS claims may begin is represented by the Kovio Line, named for its designator. The Kovio Line is as follows: beginning at -1124x,7280z and proceeding westward along 7280z until reaching -1622x, heading north along -1622x until reaching 7683z and proceeding west along 7683z.

Viridian Bill 006 - Catpeter's Law

Proposed by Davetron, sponsored by immelol4
Relevant Ministry: The Interior
This law mandates that in order for a bill to become a law in Viridian, all of Viridian's Ministers must have an opportunity to see the bill. This practice may not be used to filibuster laws unreasonably, however a Minister who wishes to have more time to consider legislation may request that time.

Viridian Bill 007 - Ryan's Law

Proposed by Davetron, sponsored by peramene
Relevant Ministry: The Interior