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Bunkies is a type of server allowing for Civ PVP in the context of bunker/vault fights. There are 2 teams, with the attacker objective to attack the defenders vault by means of skybridging or attack tunneling, and the defender objective to attempt to counter the attackers and disable the attackers smaller staging bunker.


Bunkies was initially created by the Zoomers sometime in 2021, with the main plugin BunkerUtils being developed by then-Kallosian leader Kayla and Capri. At this point in time Bunkies was called ReveriePvP. However, due to some issues with the plugin that made standard bunkies games virtually unplayable or otherwise a buggy mess, Bunkies would stagnate and die out. Sometime in late 2022, another Bunkies iteration run by Capri would be shut down during the Generic War on CivMC.

In early 2023, Bunkies would face a resurgence with the development of Bunkies being picked up by citylion and CivRedemption. The issues with the bunkies plugin that plagued ReveriePvP were fixed, with the Bunkies server (Now called NeoPvP) would be utilized in private by a variety of nations on CivMC. Around February 2023, Bunkies would open to the public again with advertising efforts being made by the NeoPvP admin team.