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CivRealms Brewers Guild
Formerly Varathian Brewers Guild
Organization TypeGuild
Field of WorkBrewing
Founded16 Oct 2019

The CivRealms Brewers Guild, is a vocational guild centred around research and education of brewing methodologies for the Civrealms Brewery plugin. Founded by TTastic on October 16th, 2019 as the Varathian Brewers Guild, the guild trains brewers from all around the map techniques to produce a wide range of liquors. Numerous discoveries of previously unknown liquor recipes have been published by its researchers.[1][2][3][4] The guild is currently headquartered in the Free City of Alexandria.


See also: Alexandrian History

CivRealms Brewers Guild was initially headquartered at Olendor Brewery, located in North Olendor. Lead by prominent faculty members TTastic, Albyrt, Fitian, and Wshankspear, the guild quickly flourished. With a heavy focus on research, many of the recipes of commonly brewed liquor were discovered by the guild.

The Brewers Guild soon became a major political force in Varathian affairs, becoming a major pillar to ensure the integrity of checks and balances in Varathian governance. The efforts of the Brewers Guild were instrumental in establishing the democratically-elected Varathian Senate and ratification of the First Varathian Constitution.

The efforts and resources provided by the Brewers Guild supported the settlement of Alexandria. As one of the first Alexandrian institutions, the guild moved its headquarters from Olendor soon after construction of the Alexandrian Brewery. During the heightened tensions following of Alexandria uncertain status within the empire, the Brewers Guild was significantly involved with the Alexandrian independence movement.

The name was changed to the CivRealms Brewer's Guild shortly after Alexandrian independence.

Original founders of the guild seen outside the first guild branch in Olendor, Varathia.

Whilst the Brewers Guild primary specialises in research, the guild also offers classes, guides and recipe books. Liquor can also be purchased made to order. Faculty of the guild include TTastic, Fitian, Albyrt, HikoruTheGamer, and Axusgrad.