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Kingdom of the Batavi
Activity levelLow/Medium
Capital cityBatavia
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
• Cardinal
Foundation date27/12/20

Batavia Formally known as the Kingdom of the Batavi 'Koninkrijk der Bataven' is a small kingdom in the +,+ quadrant.


The Paris conflict

On the first day of the server the Kingdom had a small war with the nation of Paris. The war started because Batavia and Paris had overlapping claims. The king decided that it was best for the memes to go in combat with the Parisians. After 2 battles lost against the Parisians (mainly because the Parisians outnumbered the batavians 4 to 1) the king decided it was time for the Batavians to go elsewhere.

‘Baak island’ and Ubcd

A jungle island located at +3500,+5400 was discovered by Thorgon after sailing south. He named the newly found land Baak island ‘Baak eiland’ and claimed it for the Kingdom. The Batavians relocated to Baak island and started with removing small trees in the west part of the island, and dug a mine with temporary shelter in it. But shortly after a player called Ubcd came to the island, claiming that the island was his. Ubcd was met by some Batavians on the island and they tried to kill him but failed. Ubcd claimed victory and made his claim over the island public. Many nations instantly supported Ubcd. Some Batavians suspected that Parisians had something to do with the attack. The reasoning behind this was that Parisians were still quite hostile and visited the island before ubcd’s attack. Placing atleast 100 jungle doors on the beaches to annoy the Batavians.

Banning of Ubcd and reclaiming the island

Moral in the Kingdom fell after Ubcd took the island from the Batavians. Many players decided to stop and some players joined other nations. The King decided to live as a nomad building multiple structures across the map and Thorgon settled in the -,+ quadrant. On 02/01/2021 Ubcd got banned for duping items and posted a video claiming the admins removed the island from the map. The king did not believe this and decided to visit the island. After a long travel he found out the island was still there and reclaimed it.

The New Beginning

Ubcd left the island in bad state. He destroyed the Batavian mine, build a rollercoaster in the jungle, a modern art piece with buttons and claimed his ghost was still roaming the island. But that did not scare the Batavians away. After clearing 2 bastions, one chest worth of buttons and some rails. The Batavians could finally return to building the capital of Batavia. Offshore multiple islands were build for tree farming and in the deeper waters the Royal Honderd warship.

Koninkrijk der Bataven and its islands.

Attack on the town hall

On 01/02/2021 the leader of Paris TheKingoftheMochas broke into the Batavian town hall. Saikikusuo killed and pearled him but he got released shortly after. The reasoning behind the attack was that a player named Warquoz was attacking Paris raiding them and claiming he did it in name of MRA (Melon Revolutionary Army) and Batavia. After explaining that these attacks were not supported by Batavia and that warquoz was not a Batavian citizen. TheKingoftheMochas apologized for his actions and Relations smoothed between Paris and Batavia. Putting an end to the conflicts the nations had with each other.


The Kingdom of the Batavi is led by the House of Honderd. Nivbarkie of Honderd is the current head of his House and holds the title King of the Batavi 'Koning der Bataven'.