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Kaprediem is a CivClassics 2.0 player. No one actually knows where Kaprediem came from, and records about his past activities are scant.

Early life and education (unknown date - 2021)

No historical records show Kaprediem's date and place of birth. He finished with a degree in Marketing, which explains why the Confederation of Socialist Augusta is allergic towards him.[citation needed]

Career (January to August 2021)

Kaprediem joined CivClassics on the 12th of January, 2021, and has played almost non-stop, aside from his brief "quitting" phase, which lasted for one week.

Outside CivClassics

Kaprediem rarely plays Minecraft outside of CivClassics.

Famous Quotes

  • "Wag mong subukan. Masisira buhay mo" - 2021
  • "hey kids do you like stone" - 2020?
  • "I dig really good holes" - 2017
  • "I wonder how many calories an umbrella has" - 2010