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Akiyama64 during Civcraft 1.0
Personal Info
Known ForWriting Monday Mornings
Main Residence"secret"
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish (native)
Spanish (somewhat)
ProfessionTraveler, Writer, Producer
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Iterations played on
JoinedMarch 2013

Akiyama64 was a civ player known for writing a weekly news reddit post called Monday Mornings, and being a part of the Fellowship government.


He would pretend to hate bisexuals and furries on his secret alt Ladder_jake, while being a bisexual furry on his main.[1]

He believed posting in the fan fiction forum is a necessary and sufficient condition for receiving reviews there. Thus if you receive reviews, then you have posted in the fan fic forum. It also follows that if you post in the fan fic forum, then you get reviews.[2]

He was also a psychopathic Christian.[3]

Unrelated picture of Shun Akiyama


Hey, I'm Akiyama64. Check my Reddit account and be sure to say hi to me if you see me online.

I go around the CivCraft Wiki to create things and fix up articles. Also, on the subreddit, I write the Monday Mornings weekly to sum up the events of a week, post my experiances, [sic] and comment on drama.

CivCraft 1.0 featured me as part of Fellowship's FDC. I farmed and maintained the public lands for the most part. Nothing dramatic happened, but there was the walmartpolice attempt at raiding, and the Blackstone Keep drama at the end of the map.

CivCraft 2.0 features my leaving of Fellowship due to low activity, and an unwritten history ahead.

Update on May 9, 2014: I had little part in helping Fellowship get to were it is today, but I am glad to see such great progress.

— Akiyama64 writing in the old Civ wiki