Air Bud Republic

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Air Bud Republic
Flag of the ABR
Official Flag of the Air Bud Republic
Flag of the ABR
Claims of the ABR
Location-2700, -400
DemonymThe Air Buds
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityHamco Village
• Leader
Foundation dateEarly 2018
Succeeded byBloom
ReligionChristian Roots/Atheism

The Air Bud Republic was a small collection of villages on CivClassic, led by president Kuanoni.

Small ruins of long lost villages and remnants from travelers remained on the land originally founded by Dreyzski however after uniting with Co-Owner Kuanoni the land was quickly claimed and built upon. The origional Hamco village was quickly abandoned for what became known as the Outpost with goals to return to Hamco Village with plans to build it to its true intended glory.


Air Bud Republic

The republic founded on what was uninhabited land except for the occasional remnants of travelers passing through the area. Originally located by leader Dreyzski he immediately begun building on the area. He was soon joined by his co-leader Kuanoni and together they built the first Air Bud Tribe House. Shortly upon completion of the house conflict began between the two, tensions rose among the the founding group led by Dreyzski (known as The Air Buds) and the group Kuanoni wished to created (The Hoodrats). As tensions rose the first house was quickly torn down and in its place a small village began to grow with equal efforts put forth by both groups. As the village was first being constructed the population quickly rose from the 2 founding members to a total of 9 members. As the population grew many sided with Kuanoni of the Hoodrats but both groups currently have equal control.

After a point in time the Republic decided it was time to move from the original location of Hamco Village. Plans were made and a railway was constructed by members Kuanoni and HiImPeeSin. The railway led from the Snowy Hills of Hamco Village to a new location in the Savannah which would come to be known as Outpost. The members of The Air Bud Republic focused their efforts on erecting a new village named Outpost and making it their new home well debates were held on the plans for Hamco Village.

Charles Boneston

The first city Air Bud Republic made official contact with was that of Mt. Augusta. During a tour provided by the citizens to Dreyzski and Kuanoni saddles were given as gifts to establish a friendship. After the tour was over Dreyzski was able to tame a Skeletal Horse within the territory of Mt. Augusta which he proceeded to name Charles Boneston. However on this same day a great tragedy stuck the horse and the nation. When trying to transport Charles into the mineway station to bring him to his new home the animal was caught in a barbaric pit surrounding a tower in the city. Although Air Bud Republic still hasn't been able to reclaim their legendary mascot, faithufl friend, four legged family member, attack skeleton, esteemed comapanion, yard guardian, they haven't let this event ruin their nations growing friendship. Legend has it Charles Boneston still roams the lands of Mt. Augusta and an ongoing effort is being made by the nation to bring home their greatest member.

Flower Bombing

A fateful event on April 18th of 2018. The city of Frostrock makes its first contact with Air Bud Republic. The citizens came offering a peaceful tribute and met with members of the Air Bud Republic under guises of a treaty. However upon being let into the borders of Hamco Village they began to unload their sneaky greifing trap. They covered every block of the city with flowers making it impossible to see anything within the walls. They followed by placing signs around the territory hidden in the flowers (the signs cannot to this day be read due to the flower bombing however it is assumed they are insulting). The leader of the bombing on Hamco Village signed their docks with his name visible in the sky as a testament to his destruction on the village.

The Raiding group later uploaded a video of the event allowing all to watch their assault on Air Bud Republic and their mockery of the customs and culture of the native populace.

Hood Nation Founded

After an altercation between Dreyzski and "The Build Police" (Founded by Kuanoni, and Haugen127) based around the rules following extend construction on Dreyzski's house in the Outpost the ABR was slain and the existing members rebranded as Hood Nation. Now led solely by Kuanoni the group became a self proclaimed Communist nation and began construction on the Civcraft Museum. Dreyzski lost his position as leadership and became a standard citizen well The Build Police came to be the ruling power in the rebranded nation.

Air Bud Republic Reinstated

Kuanoni, after becoming the sole leader, decided to undo Dreyzski's rebranding and return unity to the nation. Against Dreyzki's will, Kuanoni rebranded Hood Nation back to the former, Air Bud Republic (ABR).


Diplomacy Map showing Air Bud Republic's location.

The entirety of the Air Bud Republic is located to the east of Impasse. Land claims include the Snowy Hills surrounding Hamco Village, the savanna housing Outpost along with the swamps in the south east of Air Bud Republic territory.

Hamco Village is located in the Snowy Hills of the north west. In an agriculture sense it boasts large amounts of wheat farming for its population along with a modest reed farm. The area naturally contains Birch and Pine woods however the residents have taken it upon themselves to mass produce pine wood through their focuses on agriculture.

Outpost is located in the savanna south west of Hamco Village. The new location provides suitable amounts of Acacia Wood along with modest farm plots to feed the village.


As a whole the Air Bud Republic is a welcoming nation looking for any who are willing to lend arms to ongoing projects. They aim for open conversation with all nations looking to establish allies and trade routes with the larger nations it is surrounded by. Little contact has been made between Air Bud Republic and nearby nations although Air Bud Republic continues to make attempts to send emissaries.

Primary contact for Air Bud Republic is with Mt. Augusta and Frostrock. Mt. Augusta and Air Bud Republic have become good friends and well Air Bud Republic hasn't had much to offer to Mt. Augusta yet they are thankful for the friendliness and gifts received. Frostrock however has left a sour taste in the mouth of Air Bud Republic due to the traitorous Flower Bombing and Air Bud Republic is reluctant to trust the group.


Not much Infastructure exists within the Republic except for their strong agricultural presence.

Mine track routes link the two villages in the nation to eachother and also provide general access to the cities' mines.