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City Center of Aberdeen
Part of Caledonia
Famous forCapital of Caledonia
Server IterationCivClassic
RegionNortheast Caledonia
Coordinates8800, 600
Architectural StyleMedieval
Foundation DateJuly 2018

Aberdeen is the Capital City of Caledonia, as well as its first and foundational city. The area was settled by the Caledonian Consuls Wingzero54 and Meat312 in July of 2018.



Aberdeen is located in the Northeast of Caledonia, with a large part of the city located on the Main Island, though new developments are appearing on the Northwest Islands. It has an impressive variability in its biomes despite covering such a small area, with a roofed forest, a savanna, and a sunflower plains, as well as parts of the expansive mesas that cover much of Caledonia.


The Districts of Aberdeen

City Center

The City Center of Aberdeen is located in the heart of the region in a savanna. It has many attractions, including a bar maintained by Highlands Brewing Company, the Church of the Admins, and the Caledonia Library. It also houses a few farms, with a public tree, melon, pumpkin, carrot and potato farms.

Station Hill & Rail Yard

Built on a hill on the edge of Aberdeen Forest lies the New Aberdeen Train Station (also known as Central Station), the effective rail hub of the nation. A couple houses are also built on the space leftover along the North side of the hill. Around the hill lies a great deal of rail and road infrastructure leading between the City Center and Securemall. The many scenic outlooks provide a great lookout point to the surrounding districts.


Securemall is built on the edge of Aberdeen Forest and the Central Badlands, and is the premier shopping center of Caledonia, selling many high quality goods. Other shops sell various items such as wool or clay with the national XP exchange being here as well.

Aberdeen Forest

Aberdeen Forest covers a large swath of the Western side of the city. It holds a dense amount of dark oak trees and large hills, making it a challenging place to build. Much of the land here has been set aside in a tree reserve to make sure at least part of the forest is always preserved. Due to the desirability of other districts for building, even the unprotected parts are probably here to stay.

East Aberdeen

Despite the extremely desirable plains biome, the East Side of Aberdeen is under-developed, with it's most notable builds being the small mining neighborhood built around a ravine, built by LordGonner, an old citizen, and a tower built by Incentives.


Vroengard covers the North half of Aberdeen's reaches, including the Northeast Islands, and is the home of the great Castle Vroengard, the magnum opus of longtime government official Fredhun. He plans to enlarge his fortress even more in the future, having ambitious plans for the surrounding islands.

South Mesa

The mesa immediately on the outskirts of town is almost completely undeveloped, although some terrain has been flattened for a project that ended up moving elsewhere. The only house here was built by a long-gone citizen on one of the hills, which provides an incredible view of City Center. Travelling South through the mesa will lead to a bridge to Wheatland on the Southern Island.

Loch Ness

To the Southwest of the City lies a significant inland sea called Loch Ness. There is a stairway leading down to it from City Center, with a sugar cane farm on the North shores of the sea. It stretches far beyond the reaches of city limits, but it is most associated with the city of Aberdeen above others.



The architecture of Aberdeen is mainly inspired by medieval architecture, with many of the buildings constructed of a mix of dark oak wood, stonebricks, and andesite. Some more modern buildings have popped up here and there, with the Caledonia library being a big inspiration towards this archtecutrla shift. The roads are made mostly of stonebrick and smooth stone, although some roads, such as the road to Vroengard Castle, have a different block composition.


Christmas has been celebrated in city square before with various longtime citizens giving gifts to each other. A christmas tree was placed here just for this event, although it would later be replaced with a custom acacia tree. An old sacrificial ritual takes place here when a new government member is named.



Many roads have been built so that the terrain of the various districts is easily navigable. There are also interregional roads leading through the Central Badlands to some of the other regions of Caledonia, though the rail system is more often used.


Many of the roads are built to be easily traversed by horse, and there is a barn in the West side of the city where Caledonian horses can be stored.


Aberdeen currently has two rail stations, the Old Rail Station in City Center and Central Station on a hill near the forest and Securemall. The Old Rail Station has connections to a couple snitch rails, but besides that is just a short ride from Central Station and Securemall. The Central Railstation has room for an impressive 12 rail lines, all color coded, numbered, and each built with a distincitve style to provide an intuitive experience. Unlike some other rail stations, it eschews having any shops in it (partially due to the relative proximity of Securemall), instead going for a much simpler and utilitarian design. Ongoing contruction is still being done on the station and the overall Caledonia rail network, with only 8 of the rail terminals in use and even fewer that are properly decorated.

Central Station leads to a great deal of national and international destinations. Among the Caledonian destinations are Securemall and the Old Station in Aberdeen, and to Corinth Station in the other major Caledonian City, also named Corinth.

More stations are planned just for Aberdeen alone, with a proper one in Securemall and one in East Aberdeen on the list, as well as one in Vroengard eventually.