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Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia
Activity level25 people at one point
SettlementsBelgrade, Hudson Bay, Cookland, and Caracas
GovernmentDemocratic Socialism
Foundation date2013

The Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, referred to as the SFRY or just Yugoslavia, was a republic of Socialist city-states on the Civcraft 1.0 server. Their main tenants were a quota system and nationalized industry.


The SFRY was formed secretively by Buenos Aires ministers towards the end of ZombieLenin's reign there. The ministers recruited other Buenos Aires citizens who seemed to be questioning ZombieLenin's oppressive rule, small living spaces and the vast inequality present in the city, and formed what was later referred to as the "Yugoslavian Front" by ZombieLenin and loyalists. During a trial of a political dissident who had spoken out openly against ZombieLenin, the Yugoslavian Front attempted a Coup d'état, killing ZombieLenin and his loyalists, erecting a Yugoslavian flag and burning part of the statue of ZombieLenin overshadowing the city. Moments later, HCF puppets were called in. The new Republic was crushed, and the members of the Front fled the city. Within moments of HCF presence control of Buenos Aires was regained by Lenin.

Over the course of the next few days, the Yugoslavs took refuge in dirt hovels built in the city of Cydonia until being offered political asylum in New Pyongyang shortly after. The Yugoslavs remained in NPY for some time, establishing a strong bond and alliance which has lasted ever since.

In the weeks following, ZombieLenin offered the rebels amnesty in Buenos Aires, and announced a series of democratic reforms in the city inspired by their actions. He did not forgive them of their attempted insurrection, however, stating that they had lost their roles as ministers. The Yugoslavs politely declined this offer, instead traveling to the deep -,- quadrant to form their capital city of Belgrade.

The Yugoslavs were greeted warmly by the inhabitants of the region, and laid the groundwork for their city outside of chat range of any known civilization. There, the dream of a free city for Yugoslavs was finally coming to life. However, this peace was short-lived. A few days later, a group of settlers calling themselves the S.P.Q.R., a protectorate of Gondolin, arrived in the land and constructed a small settlement across a river from Belgrade. The relations between the Yugoslavs and S.P.Q.R. were tense, culminating in a raid of Belgrade resulting in the pearling of some Belgrade citizens.

Yugoslavia/S.P.Q.R. Dispute

The Yugoslavs were soon released by the S.P.Q.R., who claimed that their attack was in response to aggression by Yugoslavia, and not a preemptive strike. However, relations remained tense. An initial public statement issued by the S.P.Q.R. referred to the Yugoslavs as "squatters" on "Roman land" and the publication of a series of anti-Gondolin Propaganda posters garnered a huge reaction from the global community. A fiery conflict over who had laid claim to the land first arose. The land dispute was discussed by many players, with several cities declaring solidarity with each of the sides. Ultimately, an agreement to use the river as a natural border was reached during peace talks in Belgrade and the S.P.Q.R. paid generous reparations for their attack on Belgrade.

With ZombieLenin declaring Belgrade a protectorate of Buenos Aires and Gondolin leaders declaring the S.P.Q.R. a Gondolin city-state, tensions were mounting despite the S.P.Q.R. and Belgrade's attempts to reach peace. This came to a head during the Valentine's Massacre of Aristopolis by ZombieLenin and his armed loyalists. After killing many of the S.P.Q.R. called in to Aristopolis as backup, ZombieLenin sent troops to Belgrade in a foolish attempt to take the remaining S.P.Q.R. in their home city of Roma. The Yugoslavs made the decision to ally with the S.P.Q.R. and defended their combined territories from Lenin's aggression, suffering no losses against ZombieLenin's forces and pushing the invaders away.

The cities were dubbed "The Twin Cities" by the community of Civcraft for the brief period of time during which they lived harmoniously.

Griefing and Relocation

A few weeks after the Valentine's Massacre and the alliance with S.P.Q.R., Belgrade was griefed by an unknown player. The entire city was razed, food supplies destroyed and chests containing building materials stolen. Belgrade reacted by immediately relocating to a location near Communa, their close allies and fellow members of the Comintern. The Yugoslavs bid the Romans farewell and after packing up their valuables and remaining supplies, headed to the new location of the city. A formative Yugoslavia member stayed behind to discuss the sale of Yugoslavian land to the Romans. The Romans purchased the land and bid him farewell as he reconvened with his Comrades in Belgrade's new location. Yugoslavia/S.P.Q.R. relations have remained positive ever since despite the non-involvement in one another's politics.

Golden Age Yugoslavia

After the relocation, Yugoslavia gained many new members and increased their territorial control beyond Belgrade to Caracas (previously Leningrad) and Hudson Bay, under the combined leadership of original Yugoslav the rebels and new citizens. Yugoslavia also brought the small settlement of Cookland under its wing, in the hopes of expanding the charitable organization of the Cooks Autonomy.

Physical and economic growth continued as Belgrade became situated in its new home. With a nether shop and the newly-constructed Yellow Line Belgrade Station, things were looking bright for the future of this socialist utopia. Unfortunately, the changing of the maps spelled the end for this young civilization.

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