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The Second Kingdon of The Dynasty of Xia
Flag of Xia
Imperial Seal of Xia
Location(+, +)
Activity levelHad ~4 people at one point
Capital cityXiamen
GovernmentDivine Monarchy
• Emperor
Foundation date20th of January, 2014
Preceded byThe First Kingdom
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Mongolian
Motto在东部王国的荣耀 (Glory in the Eastern Kingdom)

Xia was a Confucian Celestial Empire established in the (+, +), Xia was a state of Gensokyo in the Holy Krautchan Empire.


Xia was established first as eccentrus made his exodus after The First Fall of Aytos. Disappointed by the hostilities and inconsideration made in the events in The First Fall of Aytos, eccentrus set out to establish the ideals that have been inherited from his ancestors, as well as his way of life into CivCraft. This culminated in the declaration of the Xia in the /r/CivCraft subreddit and many sympathizers joined him afterwards.

With a ragtag band of several people, including another Aytian, Lucite23, the first settlers of the Xia made land into the island of Xiamen and proceeded to build the first temple, the Temple of the Grand Ancestor, which stood still unto this day. The population then grew, joining eccentrus there were lucite23, Bronze_Deity, benchi, Hunter325, RealKneeGrow, as well as many honorable others. The town then grew to include the primordial version of the Industrial Pagoda, as well as massive farms which was supposed to be a source of income to the growing nation.

As eccentrus, contemporarily named as the First of the Xia, explored his newly found territory, he accidentally passed by the location of the Bloodcrew vault. He was able to strike a peace deal with the crew but yet, the atmosphere and situation that befell all under heaven at that ancient time as well as the business of the members of the new nation IRL, the Xia eventually died into oblivion, leaving just small temple and an unfinished pagoda laid in the backdrop of magnificent mountains out in the sea.

The Rise of the Xia began as eccentrus was inadvertently reincarnated as the Emperor Chua. The Emperor Chua then managed to revive the old populace and the old city and breather new life into Xiamen. The bones of the sacrificial animals suggest that there will indeed be a time of prosperity and growth in the future of the Xia, as benchi, _rosseau_ and Hunter returned to the olden city to revive it.

Governing Concepts of the Xia

The Xia Dynasty, or the Empire of the Xia, is governed through the ancient principles of Confucianism. Of the principles under the ancient beliefs and Confucianism, the most central would be the Mandate of Heaven, in which every Emperor and every state have to be governed and guided through the concept of humaneness and self-cultivation for it to prosper, and for the people to finally honor their ancestors to become cultivated, and through it to fulfill Filial Piety.

The Mandate of Heaven as claimed by the Emperor is different to the western concept of Divine Rights of Kings, in which the Mandate actually becomes a burden, a responsibility to the Emperor to perform Filial Piety toward his subjects. The Confucian concepts doesn't recognize rights as is usual with the western concept of Modern Humanism, but instead everything, including what would be the analog of the Human Rights is instead replaced by a complex network of responsibility to one another as laid out in the Classics of Confucianism.

The Governing Concepts of the Xia therefore emphasizes duty and responsibility above all. This means that there is a more communitarian feel along the Xia nation since it is expected that its member to sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of the greater good.

The Emperor of the Xia

The Emperor of the Xia, is Emperor_Chua, or Tsai Shih Chieh (蔡智杰 - personal name) or Xia Wen Di (夏文帝 - era name)

As such the use of the name of the emperor is this, as the emperor is still alive and have not abdicated, it is therefore taboo to call him using his era name, and the only proper way to refer to the Emperor as Tianzi (天子)or Huangdi (皇帝), both translated as Emperor.

Geography & Landmarks

The Capital is marked in red

The Capital of the Second Kingdom of the Dynasty of Xia is situated on an island in the south within a peninsular like region. It is surrounded with cold, arid mountains towards the north and the waves of the sea in the south. Forests populate the island regions and provide an appropriate environment for settlement and agriculture. The development towards these lower island regions have been made to allow the mass production of agriculture goods for feeding upon and providing resources for the small industries developing in the early Second Kingdom.