Walton incident

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The Siege of Old Walton
DateFebruary 21st, 2018
Old Walton
Result Royal_Dansk pearled, Old Walton annexed into Mount Augusta

TdC/MTA (Those Present)

File:Waltonflag.png Walton
Commanders and leaders
  • Royal_Dansk
  • Casualties and losses
    None 1 Pearled

    The Walton incident was a military action against the Walton insurgency, a one man operation led by Royal_dansk, in rightful Augustan territory. As MtA was unable to take down that single dude, they hired the GNI to "make a compacted cactus delivery", code for pulling off a covert assassination. Posing as a newfriend and using his alt Spiderman_murphy, StateApparatus distracted Dansk long enough for GNI operatives to arrive.

    After camarada Not_coach pearled Dansk, GNI operative Godomasta was escorted to MtA by the three other GNI soldiers. After getting the all-clear from Ahri, the GNI sacked Old Walton, nearly razing it to the ground.[1] Royal_dansk disappeared after around a month after the incident, never to be heard from again. A major effect of this was the GNI's transformation into a mercenary company.