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The United City of Spero
Progredere ne Regredere
Part of Bryn.
Government Type Socialist Constitutional Monarchy.
Monarch Grand Penguin Duchess Greenble10.
Governor Governor of the Touhou Province 5pointO.
Mayor Grand Mayor DawgTheMelon
Local Languages English, Italian, Latin.
Demonyn Sperians.
Establishment October 15th 2015.
Inhabited October 19th 2015.
Population ~8. (4 Permanent 4 Part Time)
Abbreviation SPC.
Location 3500, 500. (Bryn land Claim.)

Map of the City

This is a current map of the city. It consists of 4 districts and 5 towns. This map will be edited over time and note that not all towns/districts are populated. This is the current map of Spero City.


T = Town

D = District


Spero is a city under Bryn Rule, founded on October 15th 2015 by DawgTheMelon under guidance of Greenble10. It lays on the former site of Jerusalem in what used to be Western Gensokyo. DawgtheMelon and his team has since rebuilt and re used the buildings.

First Internationale

The First Internationale was the initial build phase/population phase in which the City gained 4 population within the first week. It also consisted of the building of small housing, trading centre, and a SMALL S.M.P H.Q. The population was a VERY good size considering it had only been up for a week. Since this had happened, the First Internationale quickly came to an end.

Second Internationale

The Second Internationale is the current Internationale of Spero. It has now gained 8 population, (some part time residents included). The great thinking from The S.M.P has also prompted the new district of Seabrook to be built and housing estate construction has begun. The Town Hall has also been rebuilt along with the Mayoral residence which is still under construction at this time. The townspeople seem to be happy. However, the lack of a farm is proving costly as it takes time and too much risk to get food items delivered from Bryn Proper down to Spero.

City Government

The City government is currently ruled by The Socialist Melon Party. It has a mock parliament assembled mainly of new citizens. In the end the city hopes to have ten M.P's (Members of Parliament), and four councillors for each of the Districts. Which are like an upper house M.P position. It is a city under national Bryn Rule but has adopted a CITY ONLY government.


The 10 seats in Parliament are Held by the following:

Name: Seat:
Socialist Melon Party DawgTheMelon,Mayor. Spero C.B.D.
Socialist Melon Party RedDevel Seabrook.
The Workers' Party BolleDeBoll New Headingley.
The Prosperity Party of Aytos kevalalajnen New Tadcaster.
Socialist Melon Party Pancakez_Wafflez Hunslet.
Independent garkkingbing Manston.
Socialist Melon Party Woodcuta Kotago.
Socialist Melon Party Fox_Is_Forever Newmoor.


The 4 Seats in the Council are still being decided.