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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Lusitania
Known ForFormer Prime Minister of Lusitania
Main ResidenceOlimpia, Lusitania
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played onCivClassic 2.0

ThomasNoronha is a Lusitan citizen and formerly the Prime Minister of Lusitania. Thomas also dabbles in coding and has built a entire banking system for Lusitania.[1] Although Thomas is not very known internationally, he is present in many nation discords that are related to Lusitania and is known for travelling and dealing in international markets.


Thomas is credited with doing a lot of internal work in Lusitania, from building infrastructure to working the farms, and is responsible for a lot of what modern day Lusitania looks like. He first met Metriximor after Metrix pinged him about his very portuguese nickname. The two quickly hit it off and the two have maintained Lusitania for years slowly improving it, with Thomas being nominated the Prime Minister after doing an upstading amount of work around Lusitania.

He was also a active combatant in the Battle of Lusitania, helping evacuate the citizens, working on logistics, tunnel construction, and after the war was over, did contributed significantly to remove the obby grief that was left as an aftermath.

Is the designer of the Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lusitania that connects Lusitania to the Great Overland Railway and into Varkonia and has done a lot of rail work maintaining Lusitania's internal rails and connections to the outside like the Ebora/Lumière line or the SPQR/Varkonia line.

Thomas along with Metrix have started working on the Lusitan National Bank and the Escudo.


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