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The irregular SHITPost
20th December 2015 issue
Format(s)Google drawing file posted to the Civcraft subreddit
• Creator

The SHITPost was a satirical newsletter that was designed to be decentralized. The basic template was created by Gotterdammer and was free to access and use by other players. Anyone could then publish a SHITPost.[1] However, during its original six-issue streak, only Gotter wrote issues.

The newsletter received a decent amount of upvotes and comments.


Title Date Writer(s) Link
SHITPost Template 07 Nov 2014 Gotterdammer
SHITPost: Newfriends Found Empire! 08 Nov 2014 Gotterdammer
SHITPost: Political Discussion Results in IQ Drop! 06 Dec 2014 Gotterdammer
SHITPost: Civcraft Devs Announce 4.0! 20 Dec 2015 Gotterdammer
SHITPost: Looking Back at Another Year 31 Dec 2015 Gotterdammer
SHITPost Weekender #1 04 Mar 2016 Gotterdammer

The SHITPost Weekender #1 on 04 Mar, 2016, was an attempt at a different format by teasing a potential coverpage of a full magazine.