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The Lantern
Logo of The Lantern
HeadquartersSuiliven, Petrania
Foundation dateMay 16, 2013
Issues8 issues, starting from issue 0 till issue 7
Format(s)A pdf distributed via the Civcraft subreddit
• Editor
• Assistant editor
_5amantha_ (u/GeminiBroad)
• Freelance writers
• Civcraft Renderer
_dbb_ (u/_dbb_)
• Illustrators
• Graphic Designer

The Lantern was a newspaper offering editorials and advertisement, which began by publishing weekly, and later published bi-weekly. The first issue was launched May 16, 2013, after the end of Civcraft 1.0, the newspaper continuing into the start of Civcraft 2.0.[1] Adverts could be bought for Iron. The newspaper was started and edited by cahutchins and content was written by many different freelance writers. Featured articles covered subjects as

  • Updates from Civcraft Public Works.
  • Travelogues and pictures from The_Traveler.
  • Columns, news and bald-faced propaganda from across the political grid, with the likes of Zombie_Lenin, Eaglesrock and more.
  • Interviews with major Civcraft personalities.
  • Major political announcements:
  • Election results, constitutional events, hostile takeovers, Communist revolu-tions, coups, both bloodless and otherwise, etcetera.
  • Official land claims by nations and cities.
  • Sporting announcements: Spleef tournaments and court openings, Machine Chess leagues and publicly accessible game boards, pig races, capture-the-flag tournaments, etcetera.
  • Letters to the editor, short opinion pieces of a political, social or satirical nature.
  • Screenshots or renders of beautiful or interesting locations on the 2.0 server.
  • Architectural features, with screenshots and building guides.


The Lantern Newspaper

Issue number Date of Issue Main Headline Reddit Publication


0 May 16, 2013 An interview with ttk2 link
1 May 22, 2013 A New Beginning, A New Set of Goals link
2 May 29, 2013 Building a Better World link
3 June 5, 2013 The Battle of Rothbard link
4 June 12, 2013 A Newfriend's Guide to Politics link
5 June 20, 2013 Heart of Darkness: Infiltrating the HCF link
6 June 29, 2013 The Metropolis: Thriving community or failed experiment? link
7 July 12, 2013 The War on Griefers: How far is too far? link
8 July 26, 2013 [PROJECTED] Was never released

The Lantern published advertisements from interested parties. The rate for an 8x1,5 inch advertisement was 10 iron blocks per issue.


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