Crimson Cliffs

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The Crimson Cliffs
File:Crimson Cliffs Flag.png
Flag of the Crimson Cliffs
File:Crimson Cliffs Banner.png
Banner of the Crimson Cliffs
LocationPrivate as of June 2022
Activity levelHigh as of June 2022
Capital cityCrimson Court
National Colors
Governing documentNone
• Crimson Cardinal
Forks Makometer
Foundation dateJanuary 2022
Foundation documentUnknown
Preceded byNone
ReligionThe Crimson King

The Crimson Cliffs is a city-state on Vintage Civ. The Crimson Cliffs namesake comes from the cliffs the town is situated next to, and the abundance of Crimson King trees in the town. The town initially decided to rename based on the change of world generation in 2.0, but later chose to remain under the same name so as to avoid unnecessary confusion. Most of the members who made up the population in 1.0 decided to return for 2.0.



To be described


After all officially assembling as the successor to the Crimson Cliffs, on May 31st the majority of the Crimson Cliffs' population embarked on a raid against the Djanimehri group. The raid was with the intention of weakening Djan due to the past belief that Djan member Dythanos is not a friendly neighbor, based off what happened in 1.0 history [1][2]. Approximately 5 hours after the original incitement a solo counterattack was perpetrated by Dythanos on Crimson, burning houses and leaving all loot that could not be picked up to despawn. Djanimehri's statement can be read here. With Dythanos as an exile Djanimehri remains with just about two active members left [3][4].

8 days later the Crimson Cliffs suffered another attack, this time an unincited, unprovoked attack done by Meunster. The attack was followed with a proposition by Meunster, stating that Crimson will become one of his vassal states or suffer the consequences, the consequences most likely being any and all valuables and houses being pillaged or burned down [5][6].