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This page is going to be one of the more controversial on this wiki: Some references might be needed. At the very least a basic timeline of events can be agreed upon. If there is something that may not be factually supported but is commonly believed either by a side or server as a whole, you can include but make clear it is an opinion and may be dubious.

Maxopoly on the WA vault next to Nox vault

Maxopoly on the WA vault next to Nox vault:

"90% of it was done within less than a week. We started digging the hole from bedrock upwards so it wouldnt be visibile on the map until the vault was ready. Dug it out up until y 35, placed the bastions, put down the rings and built the ground bunker within 2 days. After the bastions were mature, we drained the entire thing and tore away the ocean floor within a single day. From there on building sky archer rings, a complete sky snitch grid and a fortified button cancer bedrock area each took a day."

Once this page takes more shape this could be added to the corresponding section.