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Section 'Record of Cheating' keeps being removed.

Cheating is rampant in the minecraft community and any action taken should be considered in light it, should it have occurred. Godclick was a previously unknown account that came to defend the vault. He was added to groups and constantly harrassed the attacking forces. When pearled the NATO forces claimed to not know who he was and that he was "just a random". A month after the attack on the vault it was revealed that Godoclick was the banned player Capri, leader of Rhodesia. It was also made known that he was using a hacked client.

Ultimately in this particular instance of cheating it almost certainly did not have an effect on the outcome of the attack, however, had he pearled one of the attackers it would have had large consequences on the future of the war at this early stage.


I reverted this section being removed a few weeks ago and will do so again. As a bureaucrat on the wiki it is not by job the verify the veracity of statements (with perhaps exceptions if it is incredibly outlandish). If the statements are false in part, edit them to be more accurate, if the statements are entirely false remove them entirely but add an edit summary with reasoning for removal. If you are removing something the burden of proof falls on you to state why it should be removed.

And again I am not commenting on the truth or lack of truth of the removed section nor its style. The section has a few typos, and does seem to push to push readers into a particular view. Nevertheless the section contains information that is not contained anywhere else in the page. All the page currently says on this incident is "Godclick, a VPN alt later discovered to be the banned player Capri.". It misses information such as "it almost certainly did not have an effect on the outcome of the attack" e.t.c.

And yet again I want to state I am not weighing in to say whether the statements are false or not - I am saying only that the statements contain information not contained in the rest of the page and one should incorporate that information into their edits or make an edit summary explaining why the information should be removed.