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Civcraft 1.0

Suggestions for additions

Some additional things that should get a mention in the Civcraft 1.0 section:

  • Bookz - The mod that preceded the addition of book & quill books into the game, that made books and bookcases functional objects. Once book & quill books came around, the mod was disabled (it was never updated to 1.3.2, or what ever update it was that introduced book & quill books) and over a thousand texts written by players up to that point were, effectively, lost.
  • "No one hears you" - The mechanic that, effectively, showed whether or not there was anyone within a 1000 block radius from you. If there was, you would not see the message when writing into chat. Later on, this was utilised likely in many cases to discover more hidden and secluded settlements or facilities.
  • PrisonBed - The predecessor of PrisonPearl, which was in use until PrisonPearl's introduction.
  • Top Nether - The possibility to utilise the top of the Nether for quicker transport
  • Old Nether Highway - The initial phase of Nether transport, a somewhat dangerous network of routes moving across and through raw Nether terrain (the main route being between... Columbia and Cresemopolis, I think?), which later was superseded by the Nether Road Network. Fairly niche topic, but still, since there hasn't been anything like it since.

Feel free to suggest more below.

-Marcus_Flaminius, 2022-09-02

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