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St. Germain was a nation that played on TheRealmsMC.



the raider/griefer Czardeath began to terrorise the people of St.Germain, he grew bored and disappeared for quite some time. The nation of Kyra was formed from a branch of St. Germain when they broke off. The leader later raided and griefed St. Germain, thinking them to be the culprits of a raid on Kyra. Afterwards, a certain individual by the name of Kitten had began to rise. A small St. Germain force was sent in to pearl two rowdy members of Kitten's nation, whom were accused of griefing a ship. The two citizens were both released once Kitten wouldn't pay the bounties, sending them along to Salinas as a refuge from Kitten. Kitten was then pearled and handed over to Britannia for his crimes.[1]

The Great War

As the world continued to grow, so did Erebos in the north. St.Germains leader at the time, dnessen, the first immortal, was a priest of Terra. He feared that Erebos would mount a major attack on the other Gods and Goddesses of Spera. Dnessen began convincing other leaders and priests of the growing danger to international peace. During a fight among the Gods, TinyEmperor of Britannia chose to enact their plans. They went north into Erebosi lands and pearled the priest of Erebos, Yusheng. Yusheng was then transported to Britannia for a mock trial. The judges of the trial had been, TinyEmperor, Twistthecat, and Dnessen. Voting, two guilty, with one abstain from Dnessen. Yusheng was put to death under the charges of demon worship and plotting to massacre other religions. The followers of Erebos in Astronomica, Britannia's neighbor moved south soon after, laying siege to the city of light in Salinas. The forces of Mikoto moved south under the guise of coming to Salinas to aid them. Except, once the gates were opened, the Mikoto forces flooded in and slaughtered the Furries in the street. The pirate known as CookieMonster began to rise, hunting the three judges who had condemned Yusheng to death. Tiny had been banished from this plane of existence before Cookie could enact his revenge, while Dnessen was hidden away in Lands End and avoided being slaughtered. Twist and the Furries on the other hand were slaughtered, the surviving ones now forced to worship Erebos and forsake Lux. Britannia then declared that all Erebosi must leave the island of Erebos, sending several refugees to St. Germain. Soon, Cookie and the Mikotoans descended on Britannia, forcing it into submission, a portion of refugees then coming from Britannia.


St.Germain is led by Dianstixen, formerly known as Dnessen. He planned on bringing St.Germain with him to Natum.