SeaCats Portraits Foundation

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SeaCats Portrait Foundation
Trade NameSCPF
IndustryMap Art
HeadquartersIceania Map Shop
Number of Locations1
Key PeopleArtienia
Parent Icenia
ServicesMap Art Comissions
ProductsMap Art with focus on Umineko-themed portraits
Historical Data
Established inJune 6th, 2021

SeaCats Portraits Foundation (shortened to SCP Foundation or SCPF) is a for-profit non-public company founded by Artienia


As of now the products of the SCP Foundation can be obtained in the ICENIA MAPS in the shop operated by the Amelorate or by delivery

The products available as of now are the following:

Map Arts

Commissioned Work


Extracorporate Relations

  • Amelorate - Landlord of Headquaters, Shop space and Living space.
  • GeoAnchoxmas - Material Supplier
  • TTastic - Mining Operations Helper
  • Animeme master - Financial Advisor
  • SoundTech - Beacon Donator