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Rijeka Empire or the Rijekan Empire
AllianceThe Knights of the Gulf
Capital cityGlavnigrad
• Emperor
Preceded by
Succeeded by
National anthemSilent Night - Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulholland

Rijeka (the Rijekan Empire) was a nation on CivEx 2.0 having originally been known as the City-State of Eilemurj.[1]


On the 18th of August, 9 days after the start of the server, the City-State of Eilemurj is created by MasterOfParadox who styles themselves as king.[2][3][4]This city would eventually become the capital Glavnigrad. Originaly land along a river in the North Gulf are claimed but these claims are conflicting with the Khoreau Commune and the Eilemurjis are forced to find new land.[5] They finally set up claims at the mouth of a waterfall, east of the Gulf.[6]

Babel is created by Briaireous1 as a protectorate of Eilemurj.[7] Eilemurj creates the Gulf Alliance, a regional alliance of nations around the Serican Gulf that starts off with 9 members.[8]

On October 5th Eilemurj is renamed as the Rijeka Empire, with the capital city Eilemurj becoming Glavnigrad and MasterOfParadox changing his title to Emperor instead of king.[1][4] Rijeka means river in Croatian.[1]

Frell is annexed peacefully into the empire, with Superwizard68 becoming the Governor of Frell.[9] The same day Underfoot also joined the empire with its previous leaders Flameoguy and Sora joining Rijeka.[10]

Frell War

The short-lived "Rijekan-Salsus War" or "Frell War" begins October 12th when Frell is raided by Salsusian nationals.[11] 6ix, led by Bonkill and supporting the Frell people then attacks Salsus, managing to pearl ncordo.[12] Bonkill did this at the request of the former leader of Frell called allliiisonnn.[13] Emperor MasterOfParadox drafts up a peace agreement for the two nations.[14] The peace reparations are never paid.[4]

The UPR is annexed and joined Rijeka Empire as a province, it's lands ceded by UPR's governor 1234fireball.[15] After the collapse of the Union, Rijeka annexes most of the Union's island territories and their holdings in the upper-left continent, namely Polaris, Missouri and the island of the Khanate.[16] The Knights of the Gulf is created in private between the three empires of the Gulf: Rijeka, Coastaro, and Metepec. The goal of the alliance was to keep peace and balance between the various states of the gulf. This is a semi-replacement of the now-defunct Gulf Alliance.

On October 25th the short-lived Khaganate war begins, on charges of treason and theft, the Khaganate's leader, iamawesom is pearled by the Knights of the Gulf in Glavnigrad and the Khaganate is annexed into the Empire.[17]

Rijeka joins an organisation known as the Traveler's Association who intend to act as a neutral area and to build a road network to connect various consenting nations.[18]

The Lavai rebellion begins November 11th in the Omerican Federal Republic, Rijeka and Metepec join the rebels in their successful conquest.[19] The OFR is partitioned between multiple nations with it's capital province of Draycott going to Rijeka.

The territory of Polaris is sold to The Reach.[20]

A religious war occur between Cubism proponents starts, with some raiding of Rijeka and a bounty placed on Rijeka's leader MasterOfParadox because of his religious disagreements with the Cubist pope DevonMartino.[21] This is resolved after MoP renounces his attempted schism.[22]

Flameoguy Coup

Flameoguy coups Rijeka and declares himself as Emperor of Rijeka, justifying his coup over complaints with MasterOfParadox's leadership.[4] After an argument in Teamspeak MoP suggested a carrot war where Flameoguy and him punched each other with carrots, during the fight MoP switched to a diamond sword and Flameoguy used an iron sword in retaliation and won.[23] Mop was removed from the GlavnigradTrusted group as part of the takeover. The Coastaro Empire intervened and reinstalled MoP on the condition that a constitution is created.[4][24]

Rijeka expands and annexes Babel.[25]

The Knights of the Gulf get caught up in the JewEx conflict where Rijekan citizen Iamawesom is killed by Polar_Ocelot, in response Polar_Ocelot is pearled by outkast.[26]

The area of Rijeka known as Missouri is sold to The Reach.[27]

On the 3rd of February, 2016, the Rijekan Empire joins the Metepec Empire and is renamed to the Kingdom of Rijeka, with outkast becoming their new leader.[28]

MoP War

A verbal argument between Eviloker (a Picaron official) and MasterOfParadox escalates with Eviloker pearling MoP.[29][4] The war ends and MoP is exiled from his lands and quits.[30] A rogue Civcraft PvPer eventually attacks Metepec and demands that the lands of Rijeka be returned to MoP.[4]

MrElorad creates the Free State of Glavnigrad with blessings from MoP.[31] MoP returns as emperor and has a third coronation.[32]

Rijeka publicly claimed by the Entranan Federation on the 2nd of October, 2016[33][4] although this may have been a joke.[34] The CivEx 2.0 server shuts down 6 days later on the 8th of October.[35]


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