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Freelands Province
Map of the former Republic
CapitalFort Liberty
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
MottoPacis Libertasque
GovernmentFree Provincial Republic
Location9000, 4500
The Republic of Freelands, now known as Freelands Province, was a free state located in the +,+ quadrant of CivClassic. Governor bushycraftbt99 established the state in Entranan territory in late July of 2018.


Early Days

Freelands traced its history back to bushycraftbt99, who traveled across the ocean to settle the area in hopes of establishing a free and democratic country. Problems soon arose when he stole a bed and broke into a factory in Fredericksland to gather materials and learn how they set up their industrial base. Hostilities grew when other nations in the region falsely believed he was responsible for a string of robberies that happened over the course of a month. After almost being pearled when returning some of the stolen goods, Prince Hroerek determined that bushycraftbt99 was not the serial robber and tensions eased over the following days.

Construction and Development

Although the retaining wall on the cliffs was being built during the hostilities, it wasn't until the hostilities eased that Fort Liberty built its first homes and government buildings. These new buildings were a great improvement compared to the poorly fortified bunker and mine-shaft that had kept the settlers safe in the beginning. Soon after these buildings were finished, a terrace farm was build into the hillside and a dock was constructed for visitors and residents.

Freelands Province

After establishing contact with Rambete and shtim from the Republic of Entrana, an agreement was made between the two nations that made Freelands an official province of Entrana. The Republic of Freelands was no more and Fort Liberty became a free city per the agreement; exempt from taxes but still subordinate to the Republic. Soon after, a road was built between the capital and Fort Liberty to establish a safe route between the two cities. During this period the province added some new residents, and with that came the need for a senator to be appointed. Senator JaddyCakez was appointed as the only senator to serve alongside Governor bushycraftbt99.


Location and Claimed Land

Freelands was situated in the northeast section of Entranan territory near the city of Fredericksland in Pruthenia. The southern most border of Freelands used to be along the Z: 4565 line and the northernmost border along the Z: 4250. These have since been extended somewhat. The coast marks the eastern and western borders of the province. The islands off the coast of the province are also under its control.


The province's territory is mountainous and hard to traverse. The frequent exposed caves and dense vegetation make journeys treacherous and unsafe for those who are not familiar with the land. The edges of the province are deforested and heavily disturbed from open pit mining and vault construction by a previous civilization.


Fort Liberty is the only settlement in the province. It sits beside the ocean on a small plateau which is at the base of multiple large mountains. The sleepy town boasts multiple small homes, a town hall, a factory, a port, and a few other miscellaneous buildings. An outpost built by JaddyCakez does exist to the north of the town, but its main purpose is to guard the canal and function as a fallback position if the town is attacked. No citizens are permanently stationed there.

A view from the road entering town. The two stone brick buildings are the factory and town hall. Multiple farms and homes are visible as well.



The Republic of Freelands has a strong agricultural sector whose main products are apples, sugar, and wheat. The climate limits the growth of other crops and the lack of animals in the area has prevented the production of meat and other animal-related goods except for eggs and chicken. A savanna biome exists near the town, but it is out of the province's control. Nonetheless, a farm has been established there to provide the province with potatoes, pumpkins, and melons.


Mining, as in all other civilizations, is the primary industry in the province. The mining sector of the economy is the backbone of Freelands' industrial base and produces the materials necessary for defense, construction, and economic growth.


The hills of Freelands are dense with vegetation which provide a large amount of oak and birch lumber for the nation. This lumber can then be converted for use in construction/tools, or for making charcoal which powers the factories and smelters of Fort Liberty. Due to a reforestation effort, most lumber is now imported. Approximately 35% of forested lands in Entrana have been destroyed or clear cut.


Fort Liberty recently constructed a brewery run by the Brown Brewing Company to make drinks for the republic. So far, the company produces fine and standard wheat beer, absinthe, mead, whiskey, and a specialty drink called firefly full monty. These drinks are coveted by local residents and by the citizens of the nation.

Notable Companies

Freelands is home to a few companies which are Atlas Industrials, Brown Brewing Company, and Fort Liberty Ironworks. These companies supply the province with capital goods like factories, as well as drinks, tools, and weaponry. Most of their business is done within Fort Liberty or Entrana, but there is interest in forming trade agreements with nearby nations to expand business and to bring new goods to the shores of the province.

Political and Government Structure

General Information

Freelands has provincial a senate and a provincial governor who are responsible for governing the nation. The senators have various responsibilities and are appointed by the governor, who is elected by popular vote. Each senator is given a specific job, such as militia captain or minister of war. Citizens can call for a referendum should they be displeased with a law or seek to enact a new law.

The province is very friendly to business and capitalism, a rarity in the +,+ quadrant. The free status given to the province by Entrana has enabled capitalism to thrive there without the fear of aggression or invasion. Citizens are free to start their own businesses and sell whatever they please at whatever the price. These rules also apply to outsiders looking to use the territory as a place to sell goods on the free market.

Political Parties

Freelands is home to three political parties which are the Freelands Welfare Party (FWP), Freelands Libertarian Party (FLP), and the Entranan Socialist Front (ESF). Currently, the Freelands Welfare Party is the ruling party, advocating for a strong welfare state while simultaneously supporting the growth of domestic private industry. The libertarians advocate for increased freedom of enterprise and for slashing the expensive government welfare programs Freelands currently has. The socialist front would rather that Freelands adopts more leftist policy like its neighbors in the region.