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Physical Shop is a server plugin that allows players to trade goods with relative ease by placing a shop chest. It was used on Civcraft 1.0, but during Civcraft 2.0 it was replaced with ItemExchange.[1] A shop chest consists of a chest with a sign directly above the chest. The sign must be formatted according to the diagram below. PhysicalShop was removed from Spigot and is probably no longer maintained.[2]

Sign Formatting

The following is the proper formatting for the sign above a shop-chest:

  • Line 1:[item_name/number_here]
  • Line 2:Buy number_of_item for amount_of_currency_and_type
  • Line 3:Sell number_of_item for amount_of_currency_and_type
  • Line 4:name_of_owner


  • Line 1:[Bread]
  • Line 2:Buy 10 for 5w
  • Line 3:Sell 9 for 3w
  • Line 4:Notch

With the above sign, players will be able to buy 10 bread from Notch's shop-chest for 5 wood planks, and sell 9 bread to Notch's shop-chest for 3 wood planks. (See currency list below)

For the shop-chest to work, you must have either a buy line, a sell line, or both lines.

If you leave out your name from the 4th line, it will be added automatically, assuming you formatted the rest of the lines properly. This makes ommitting the fourth line a good check for whether or not your shop is set up properly. If it's correct, your username should appear in the fourth line after you click done.

Currency Chart

The following is the list of symbols for currencies that are available for use with PhysicalShop on Civcraft. (Note: all symbols are lowercase)

  • g = Gold Ingot
  • i = Iron Ingot
  • b = Cobblestone
  • c = Coal
  • w = Wood
  • v = Wool
  • d = Diamond
  • r = Redstone
  • n = Gold Nugget
  • l = Generic Log

Item Chart

Sometimes, Physical Shop will not recognize certain item or block names. In such a case, you can use the following chart to select the appropriate name or item number on the 1st line.



If you are selling blocks to a store, sometimes you need to be a full block away before the store will accept your sale. If it's not working, step back a bit.