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The charter published by members of the order

The Order of the White Lotus(OWL) is a leaderless organization of parties seeking betterment of the server through peace and culture whilst stimulating economic and diplomatic relations with Nations and Individuals with like-minded ideas and values. All parties in the order must take a vow of peace that consists of non-participation in conflict with any other member party, or lose their membership.

Aggression not in self-defense will lead to termination of membership. No retaliation will be sought by the Order though retaliation will be sought by the Order though retaliation by any wronged parties may be justified.

Parties may join the Order of the White Lotus after discussion between existing member parties or by invite. Parties are to be defined as Nations or individuals who wish to join but whose nation does not. Individuals will be represented with the Flag of the White Lotus for instances where Nation of Origin is needed. For individuals not wishing to participate though their nations does. It will be left to the nation on how to handle this, the individual is not forced to join.

Parties wishing to exit the Order of the White Lotus may do so at any time without incident by simply announcing that they are doing so. No reason is to be required for exit or will any retaliation be taken.

Member Parties are never to be held to any political, military, or economic obligation to any other members purely based on their membership in the Order. All assistance exchanged between parties is to remain purely voluntary. No rules will be implemented that impact a party's right to sovereignty nor force them into unfair situations.[1]

As of October 2018 OWL is inactive

Signatory Nations

Mount Augusta
Tierra de Conciencia