Nova Prime

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Nova Prime
Icebreaker, Flag of Nova Prime
Capital and largest districtCorana
GovernmentUnitary directorial republic
Grand HeraldCabbage__
HeraldsNuclear371 (AgentG1GA), Ascacos, Seazurus
Lord ChancellorDescenT
CurrencyZeras (ℤ)
Location2600, -3000
Founding DocumentConstitution of Nova Prime

Nova Prime, officially the Republic of Nova Prime and also known simply as Nova, is an island city-state centered around 2600, -3000. Composed of four major island groups and eight minor islands, the country's geography is largely flat beaches with some highland and forests on its northern-most and largest landmass.

The state has a large network of roads and elevated highways that connect the archipelago together. It is highly urbanised, with vast towers sitting atop newly reclaimed land.


The area that would become Nova Prime was inhabited by small ocean-faring tribes that would often use the archipelago's shallow waters as a means to replenish their food supplies. Over time, these tribes settled across the island of Aurelia and spread inland. The region briefly saw the rise of a single unified kingdom under the Kasar Dynasty before its collapse after the death of the last heir.


The Empire split for the final time, being consumed by an all-encompassing civil war with five different factions fighting for control.

A short-lived confederation of the northern archipelago under the Republic of Aurelia failed to unite the disparate people together. Many colonists returned home to the core provinces of the Empire to fight for their respective faction. Without support from abroad and with the colony rapidly depopulating, the Republic of Aurelia and the Novan colony as a whole ceased to exist as a functional state.


On the southern isle of Corana, a small group of settlers continued their expansion of their settlement. Their isolation had created a vehement fear of technology which led to the destruction of most of the communication equipment. The settlement's growth continued with its residents being unaware of the Empire's collapse. As the settlement began outgrowing Corana, settlers were sent to the nearby islands. While many towns lay abandoned, there remained a sizable population on the islands of Aurelia, the Ghan and Zelevas. Contact with these groups enlightened the leadership of Corana to the change that had occurred.