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As with any community, when CivCraft came on the scene and as the community grew, so did the inside jokes and memes. Most civ memes are posted on /r/civcraft for civcraft memes, and /r/CivClassics for CivClassics memes. Many of the individual communities subreddits also host memes specific to their communities, and many, if not all, civ related discords have their own channel dedicated to posting memes.


During the days of the Civ 1.0 HCF invasion, many users made and posted memes and posters reminiscent of WWII wartime posters in order to boost morale and, for some, increase the amount of roleplaying. These memes were often in support of anti-HCF forces, although many also were made commemorating events in the war. All of these memes are found on /r/CivCraft, although they are years old at this point.

CivClassics Memes

Since the SOTW, memes relating to civ players and their nations began to pop up in /r/civclassics. Most of these memes were commemerating modern day events, however they were not limited to traditional meme formats. Most of the memes would be posted onto the subreddit as a form of "subreddit pvp" and to make ones opponents look bad and make their own position look more intelligent or refined. One such common meme that has spread around civ has been a variant of the "Chad vs Virgin" meme, where you can present hyperbolically bad positions of your opponents as dumb, while your own the superior one.

This is a historical civball representation of the nation of Southshire
This is a historical civball representation of the nation of Southshire

One of the most common, and complex, memes that have been popularized on CivClassics has been a variant of the popular online comic known as the "Poland ball" called CivBall. Each of the balls hosts their nations symbol or flag, and are slightly anthropomorphized in order to have that character represent the entirety of a nation. As such, many of the statements made by each of the balls is a reference to another element of the nation, oftentimes to a flanderized degree. For example, the Hjaltland civ ball is commonly shown to be rich, a reference to the bustling Experience farms and factories they have in their nation. The CivBall comics also oftentimes represent a nation or nations involvement in a major civ event, in order to signify the contributions or attendence of the relevant nations.


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