Melontown University

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Melontown University
Melontown University main building
LocationMelontown, New Melonwood, FWC Danzilona
• Rector
MottoGnothi seauton

The Melontown University (abbreviated as MU) is a public research university located in Melontown, New Melonwood. Established in May 2023 by the Territorial Cooperative of New Melonwood, the University is the only public research and higher education institution in FWC Danzilona.

The University currently has one location in Melontown, New Melonwood, however talks are underway for a second location in Danzilona proper.

Melontown University structure

The University is organized into two institutes and two faculties.


  • Melontown University Institute for Natural Sciences (5 Melontown Bay, Melontown)
  • Melontown University Institute for Anthropology and Social Sciences (Future location in Danzilona)


  • Faculty of Natural Sciences (3 Citrullus Street, Melontown)
    • Department of Agronomics
    • Department of Geography
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (3 Citrullus Street, Melontown)
    • Department of Anthropology
    • Department of Linguistics and Phonetics

Journal of Civ Science and Arts

A project by Melontown University