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The trial was a political drama from mid-August 2017 between between Southshire, the Commonwealth, and Alpoko. It started on 16th August 2017 when mrmamizoupie was pearled within Southshire by Ez2Kill on behalf of ThePayman to stand trial for alleged crimes against Alpoko.

You have been pearled in my order. You will stand trial for your crimes in alkopo with my supervision

- ThePayman (Link)

yo ez2kill, you killed a citizen in our territory

- StrPlatinum (Link)

Everyone needs to calm down and act like adults so we can figure it out, nobody is helping by hurling epithets. For what my opinion is worth, Payman you can't order an extrajudicial abduction to make one our citizens stand trial, it violates our trust and sovereignty. We likely would have complied with a summons and extradited him had you provided evidence, but it's unacceptable to just take him from within our borders and make him stand what is ostensibly going to be a show trial. Guilty or not, it doesn't matter because the way you took him is unacceptable

- JC (Link)

Southshire - then a Borough of the Commonwealth - felt that there'd been an injustice and that the Commonwealth elites were disregarding their objections. Southshire's Council, then comprised of StrPlatinum, Orinnari, and SamuelV, decided it would offer protection to mrmamizoupie.

Havana: Hello, I am the King of Alpoko, and I would to speak to sashimii regarding a legal matter.

specificlanguage: Is it regarding the Southshire drama

Havana: Yes, we have been speaking with the Southshire government and we must now speak to a higher authority.

specificlanguage: Sounds great. Hope to see this resolved in the near future

Havana: We have run into a small issue in that Southshire law provides certain privleges that Commonwealth law does not, and this prevents us from allowing us to hold our trial.

MiloY: wait what

ThePayman: The question is that if we (CW) can give the pearl to alpoko even though he is a southshire citizen

sintralin: subordinate boroughs cant have laws that conflict with federal law, unless cw federalism is more fucked up than i thought

ThePayman: Nha, supposedly international relations is authority of CW. The drama was if the pearling was legal but it seems that everyone agrees it was now

meow: it was a legal pearling according to CW law

meow: what is the case of what Mr did on CivClassics?

Havana: Mrmamizoupie attempted a coup to overthrow the government of Alpoko, and fled to Southshire. We spoke to a government official that apparently did not have the power to make us promises, but told us that he would be pearled on sight and returned to us. He secretly transferred all factories and available chests to a private group and his intention was to present an ultimatum to the government and pearl government members.

sashimii: Right now we have an international incident

Havana: Perhaps we should also bring the government of Southshire into the mix, as they were an important player in this.

sashimii: Yes, Southshire must be included

Orinnari: Right, sashimii, here is our position. Mami commited crimes abroad, but then he became a citizen of Southshire and therefore the citizen of the Commonwealth. Now, I have been told that the Commonwealth does not intervene in cases of extradition in cases where someone has been pearled for crimes abroad, however, Southshire does intervene, and because he was a Southshire citizen and pearled in Southshire, we feel we have a right to a say and to block extradition. However, we can be overruled by the Commonwealth.... so we need a ruling over whether Mami can and will be extradited.

MiloY: Orinnari, I agree with your understanding. It's important to note that there is a precedent for the second half of this that was set in 2.0 and carried forward, i.e. CW has final say in allowing/denying extradition and/or allowing/denying another entity (nation or otherwise) entry and ability to pearl a citizen or non-citizen within CW. Though traditionally, we have not prevented it from happening but in extreme cases (i.e. Carson -- fuck Carson)

(This abridged conversation was moved into a dedicated channel which has since been deleted.)

The discussion was later moved onto Mumble to discuss the extradition. The participants were MiloY, Peter5930, meow, Tabby, and Orinnari. MiloY lead the meeting on behalf of sashimii. It was decided that the Commonwealth would allow the extradition.

A few hours later however, there was a question over who has custody of the pearl. This'll be relevant later.

Havana: Sorry to talk about Mamizou again, but when will his physical pearl be extradited to Alpoko?

MiloY: we've been slacking a bit internally as our players have been focused out of game. afaik you guys can pick him up any time that suits you. the sooner the better. (mitigation of liability)

Havana: Of course, that's fine! Let's just make sure we don't forget about it and let it run out of coal .-.

MiloY: Orinnari, Southshire is privvy to the pearl location and conditions, please ensure it is well-kept until pickup. I'd recommend moving it to the capital and I'll throw some coal blocks up

Ez2Clutch?: Afaik its in the factory room in Westminister

MiloY: If that's the case, that's probably for the best

Ez2Clutch?: I'd be inclined to agree. We'll check it for coal

Orinnari: I would advise keeping it out of Southshire

Havana, seemingly lost patience after apparently being denied the pearl, began defaming Southshire:

Orinnari: Yes, Havana was a reasonable voice yesterday, and today he has turned. The things he was accusing me of. I have been nothing but calm and cooperative.

ThePayman: If he doesnt follow the agreement he wont have the pearl. My first concern after pearling was that a fair trial would happen

mrmamizoupie: Havana says "fair" trial

SamuelV: The current judge doesn't make it fair

Charlameme: Payman are you aware of the judge situation

ThePayman: yes, thats what I am talking about it. If the trail isnt fair I wont hand over the pearl

Charlameme: But yeah ori he's been essentially defaming us for the past two days

StrPlatinum: Whats going on with defaming?

Charlameme: "It has been clearly stated by government officials that the laws of the Commonwealth supersede the laws of Southshire. The Commonwealth has made its decision, and you must abide by it. If you do not, that is a matter for you to handle internally, not a concern of ours." [Havana]'s been arguing this point since yesterday. Making it out that we're defying the capital's ruling. Even though we were not in possesion of the pearl, or responsible for said pearl. His entire argument has been that we're the ones not surrendering mami and that we're defying the CW government, until we called him out and payman entered the dialogue

Havana was spreading the untruth that Southshire not only held the pearl but was refusing to comply with the Commonwealth's decision. The Commonwealth initially believed this too as they could see discontent, hostility, and memery from certain citizens of Southshire, but it was realised that ThePayman was withholding the pearl for his own reasons. Sashimii managed to convince ThePayman to surrender the pearl to Alpoko to avoid further international conflict.

The trial was held on 19th August 2017 and can be listened to here.