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Macros are mods that allows automation of some task. Using macros in Civ is referred to as "botting". Botting regulation depends on the Civ server. Macros can be used to automate some task that doesn't need to have access to any information (like place breaking, breaking a reinforcement...). The most commonly used botting mods are AdvancedMacros, JsMacros, Macromod and Mineflayer.

Advanced Macros


To install AdvancedMacros, download the mod and install it like any forge mod.

Overlay overview

Binding menu
Script menu

The program is made of two main menu : the binding menu and the script menu. The binding menu allows to create binding, a way to link a key with a binding to launch the script on pressing a certain key. The script menu is where the scripts are written. By default, when opening the overlay, it opens the binding menu. The important button are :

  • 1 : Allow the creation of a new binding
  • 2 : Access the script menu
  • 3 : Delete a binding
  • 4 : Associate a key
  • 5 : Associate a script
  • 6 : Quick edit a script
  • 7 : Change binding profile

The important button of the script menu are :

  • 1 : Return to the binding menu
  • 2 : Create a folder
  • 3 : Create a script
  • 4 : Not a button, but the list all the scripts. Script are clickable with left click to edit, or right click for certain operation (rename, copy...)
  • 5 : Allows to navigate between folders.

In this menu, script appears in white and folder appears in yellow.

Creating a placing macro

Placing macro are useful for place breaking bastions. Here are the different steps of creating one :

  • Open the AvdancedMacros menu (by a control chosen if your settings)
  • Click the script button in the binding view
  • Click the create file button in the script menu
  • Name it in a way of remembering what the script is for (placeBreaking as an example)
  • Open the script by double clicking it's name in the list
  • Write this use(-1)
  • Save and exit the edition using the button in the top of the screen.
  • Return to the binding menu
  • Create a new binding
  • Associate a key to it (button 4 in the menu overview). P can be a good key as it is often unbinded.
  • Associate the script to it (button 6 in the menu overview).

Now, when pressing the key you binded, your character will keep right click pressed. If you hold any block in hand, it'll place and it and thus breaking the bastion.
To cancel the script, simply right click.
Important : Allow your game to run in background without opening the pause menu when alt tabbed by pressing : F3 + P. A message should appears and prompt Pause on lost focus: disabled

Creating a breaking macro

To create a breaking macro, follow the same step, but replace use(-1) by attack(-1). This will hold left click instead of left click. With the corresponding tool, this can allow to break reinforced blocks.

Allowed functions

The full documentation of functions can be found in the site wiki. Use macros at your own risks and know the rules of the server you are currently in. Rules might depend of the Civ server.

Using the look function

The look function allows you to look in a certain direction. This can be used to be perfectly aligned your cursor with a direction, which can be useful combined with a walking macro on long roads, or on certain farm combined with strafing left or right.

An example of binding that allows the numpad to look in corresponding cardinal direction

Using the binding profile in the binding menu allows to set up profile to look in certain direction, depending on the farm used for an easier time harvesting.