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A Londonium building under construction on May 30th

Named after the capital of Britain during Roman rule two millennia ago, Londonium is a small oceanside town founded by SouthernBloc on May 28th 2022 based around the production and refining of cotton. The town being situated next to an ocean provides easy access to sailing, with a small dock already set up aswell as an under-construction bridge.


After settling near a nice location with cotton and easy access to water SouthernBloc invited Miloski to come join his newly founded settlement which was already in the iron age. After abusing the /kill function and randomspawning Miloski got to a point close enough to walk to SouthernBloc and start building. Later Southern recruited well known Vintage Civ builder StAdrian and Filaon to join. Two other players, Isaac and Natalie are planned to join this settlement in the near future mostly as builders.

On May 31st, a small, one man raid occurred on the town. An infamous player by the name of Meunster killed builder StAdrian during the raid, aswell as thievery through breaking and entering. Not much damage was done to the structures built.