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A bird's eye view of Liberty, taken at an unknown date.
Location-1400, 0
Capital cityLiberty
GovernmentAnarcho-capitalist city state

Liberty was a medium-large anarcho-capitalist city located at (-1400, 0) on Civcraft 1.0. It was founded by tbeau1 and for a long time was the home to only tbeau1 and hpoom, the famous nether-road builder. After several weeks, a couple waves of three to five people settled in Liberty because of its location and its lack of government; after this, it quickly grew into a thriving much larger city. Its market was one of the largest in Civcraft in terms of number of active shop stalls.

Towards the end of its population boom, companies and large buildings started to appear in the humble city. Considerable wealth was pumped into the inner city to build apartment and shopping complexes, and to expand beyond the confines of the market place. Pseudowalker is notable for purchasing large estate plots and redeveloping them into modern utilities.

Despite the attempts of many, the city fell into a state of inactivity with abandoned buildings and a mostly unstocked marketplace. However a couple of hermits took habit in the basements of several buildings. Initiatives such as the Liberty Revival Movement (Started by Nimajneb3) saw the addition of another suburb and portal, but this was unsuccessful in reviving the status of the city to the commerce hub it once was.