Jim's Woold

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Jim's Woold
model styling with the Jims Woold's variety Wool Collection FW23
IndustrySustainable & Ethical Wool
Key PeopleJim
Number of Employees8-12 (?)
ParentRowa Company
Coordinates6429, 2950
Net Income"We have no income flow. No incoming income flow. We have plenty of outgoing income." - Jim
Historical Data
Established in21 August 2022 (0 year ago)

Jim's Woold is an ++ wool retailer and supplier of wool. It was founded by Jim and is based in Santiago, in Cortesia Del Mar (CivMC)


Jim grew up in a world surrounded by textiles. His mother was a textile designer, he was exposed to fast fashion in his early life, and seeked to find a more sustainable solution to the wool industry. Fast forward to his later life, he purchased a farm to pursue golden wool standard.

As of 2022, Jim's Wool'd became the first and ONLY wool industry to guarantee RWS-certified wool on their labels, has since been the leading standard when it comes to sustainability and ethical conditions.


Jim's Woold considers itself an "activist" company, the company was recognized for its innovative family/maternity leave policies.


Jim's Woold commits 50% of their revenue towards encouraging sustainable farming, preserving of terrain around the ++ area.


At the moment, Jim's Woold is selling undyed and dyed wool for bargain prices in the heart of Santiago (1 iron ingot = 32 wool). When buying from Jim's Woold you're ensured that the Wool has been ethically sourced.

The Wool is farmed at Jim's farm, in the very eastern part of the Santiago Plains through the 8-12 sheep he takes care for. (Below shows the first advertisement of Jim's Woold, (prices have changed!!))