Grundeswald - Wunderland Treaty

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Wunderland Act
The Grundeswald - Wunderland treaty
The public censored version
SignedMarch 22nd, 2015
SignatoriesSanjo, Woudragon, Lizzily, Captn_Beefheart, Shandian, Ronald Grundeswald
PartiesWunderland, Kingdom of Grundeswald
LinkUncensored Version

The Grundeswald - Wunderland treaty (officially known as the Wunderland Act) is a treaty that incorporates the town of Wunderland into the Kingdom of Grundeswald as an autonomous territory.


AN ACT concerning the incorporation of Wunderland into the Kingdom of Grundeswald as a State or Territory of their own designation.
Hereby referred to as the “Wunderland Act”

His Most Honourable Imperial and Royal Majesty Ronald Grundeswald, By the Grace of God and the will of the Nation, Emperor and Autocrat of Grundeswald and all of His extremely numerous and expansive territories, Khagan of the Eternal Khaganate of the Katars, Protector of Drakensberg, Shogun of the Xia Protectorate and Tora, Grand Overseer of the State of Fortytwo, First and Last King of Aytos, Permanent Mayor of Salisbury, Most Blessed Founder of New Zion, Grand Vizier of Battkhortostan, Grand Duke of Vinland, The Former Nova Kurwan Republic of Greenland and Port Loco, Brother-Leader and Eternal President of Auri, Khan of the Katten Khanate, Premier of the Soviet Republics of Merriland, Padagrad, Selvata, and Fallen, President of Kovanje and Director of the Katten Bay Company, Administrator of the Kitty Krew and Leader of the Wade Brigade, World's Youngest Grandad and CEO of GrundesCorp, Ph.D, HoG PJV OSL GH extends his hand in friendship and camaraderie towards the people of Wunderland. Through his generosity and compassion His Majesty Ronald Grundeswald is ratifying the creation of the state of Wunderland, located in the plains biome West of the State of Boston.

Wʜᴇʀᴇᴀs, the governing body of Wunderland having, in due form, signifies its consent, in the manner provided by its citizenship, and has expressed its desire to cede absolutely and without reserve to the Kingdom of Grundeswald, all rights of sovereignty of whatsoever kind in and over Wunderland and their dependencies,

And whereas the governing body of Wunderland has agreed to provide their loyalty and friendship to the crown,

And whereas the Kingdom of Grundeswald has agreed without hesitation to these terms,

The Kingdom of Grundeswald shall:
Provide, by the will of the people, an autonomous government system by which the people may carve their own destinies, maintain foreign relations, trade and shall enjoy full security and protection for their persons and property within the Kingdom and its allies.
Confer peerage, awards and grants upon those citizens of Wunderland who, on account of meritorious services, are regarded as deserving such special recognition.
Offer assistance in creating travel and or transportation routes to at least one existing Grundeswegian territory.
Not molest or stop the trade of goods to and from Wunderand insuring the current economic freedoms that the territory possesses.
Ensure domestic tranquility by upholding the peace and promoting the general welfare of all citizens.

By accepting these terms both parties agree to join in union under the banner of the Grundeswegian nation. This union will afford the citizens of Wunderland rights within the Greater Grundeswegian parliament, representation and will be added to the Grundeswegian census.

It shall be lawful, upon the passing of this act, for the Kingdom of Grundeswald to consider Wunderland as one of its territories and for the people living within to consider themselves Grundeswegian citizens.

Signed, on behalf of King Grundeswald, by the Grundeswegian parliament,
The Honourable Prince Ronald Grundeswald Jr HoG OSL, Governor-General

Signed, on behalf of the people of Wunderland,
Maleinea Alice von Wolfenstein 
Sanjo von Wolfenstein
Woudragon of the Minamoto
Lizzily von Cheshire    
Shandian von Leshyaod


This document was censored for the duration of 2.0 due to security concerns from the Grundeswegian and Wunderland governments, in order to hide the location of the settlement. But as of the 11th of February 2016 it has been declassified.