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Gensokyo// 幻想郷 //

Empire HKE
Motto "We will fight to save this land"
Anthem Gensokyo the Gods Loved: Save This Land
Official Languages English


Demonyn Gensokyojin, Yokai, Youks, Mooners, Spooks
Government Royal Autocratic Confederacy
Queen Screenname
Establishment Late 2014
Population ~70


The Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo is a royal autocratic confederacy and elector of the Holy Krautchan Empire. It is comprised of the states of Yakumo, Kokoro, Higan, Xia, Hourai, Cape Miyako and Akihabara.


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Screenname von Gensokyo
Her Superior Majesty Screenname von Gensokyo


The Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo was established initially as a Kingdom in the United Kingdoms of Grundeswald and Gensokyo in September 1st, 2014 and would later go on to become an independent Elector Nation within the Holy Krautchan Empire.

New Detroit

"We should not be forced to choose between Mt. Augusta's industrial economy, and New Danzilona's tradition of slavery. We deserve, demand, and shall have both!"- Screenname von Gensokyo File:/groups/nations/vocaroo s17jdmhyal8i 1 .mp3

Gensokyo's beginnings can be traced to the foundation of the state of New Detroit. On June 1st, 2014, it all began with a girl and a dream. Screenname von Gensokyo, former umbrella of unknown origins, settled in an abandoned crack house along the banks of the Sanzu River, just east of the city state of Mt. Augusta. To her west, Mt. Augusta was seen as respectable for its booming economic power, but Screenname saw Augusta lacked the manpower necessary to run the agrarian marijuana plantation she wanted. The simple solution was slavery, but slavery was explicitly outlawed by the Augustan constitution. To the east, New Danzilona was a total shithole, but it was able to stay afloat on the broken backs of an enslaved populace. Screenname believed these two tenets of ideology combined could create a regional powerhouse, and so she founded New Detroit, an independent free state where she could work without the confines of big government pushing her around. Mt. Augusta, failing to grasp the gravity of the situation and the unyielding ambition of Screenname, did nothing to stop the foundation of this state, and allowed it to exist. This would be the source of numerous contentions in the future.

The United Earth Directorate

The desert is a beautiful, barren ocean. Forgotten, ignored, abused and exploited by most. Not us. - DJDAV1D

United in their great respect for the mighty deserts of the region, and need for common recognition, New Detroit and the city of Goodsprings joined together in the voluntary organization the United Earth Directorate. While the organization never achieved anything of significant importance, it laid the foundation of friendship that motivated Goodsprings to allow its incorporation into the Kingdom of Gensokyo.

The Grundeswegians invitation

In early August, Grundeswegian viceroy Kovio invited Screenname to come visit the city of New Salisbury. It was soon discovered the peoples of New Detroit and New Salisbury shared common culture and beliefs. Almost immediately that day, papers were signed to incorporate the state of New Detroit into the Kingdom of Grundeswald. New Detroit was given the cities of Griffin and Istanbul, which were Grundeswegian cities in the New Detroit area in dire need of local administration. New Detroit was also given the land of Yakumo, to cement New Detroit's place in the greater Grundeswegian area.

Formation of the Kingdom of Gensokyo

On September 1st, it was decided the New Detroit area was too geographically seperated and culturally different to be a direct part of Grundeswald. To remedy this, all of the cities in New Detroit were given statuses as autonomous states, and the Kingdom of Gensokyo was established, joining the Kingdom of Grundeswald in the United Kingdoms of Grundeswald and Gensokyo. At her personal request, Goodsprings immediately joined the Kingdom of Gensokyo and signed papers solidifying the agreement.

The Istanbul Rebellion

On August 17th, 2014, Istanbul, which had previously been inactive since 2013, received a citizen by the name of GTAIVisbest who had lived in Istanbul in the summer of 2013, boosting its population to 1. With foreign support, notably from the nations of Mt. Augusta and New Danzilona, GTAIVisbest started the Istanbulite Independence War, claiming the mountaintop city and rising in open rebellion against Gensokyojin forces. An evening-long standoff occurred, pushing rebel forces back. However, foreign troops from Mt. Augusta and New Danzilona arrived to reinforce the rebels, and the Gensokyojin militia eventually retreated back to territories south-west of Istanbul.

The political and military situation between the two entities was never resolved, and to this day Istanbul remains under rebel-held control.

The Yurtstead Conflict

The Yurtstead Conflict

Grammatically challenged buffoon, chump, IQ-63, barely a primate and second class yeoman Seargent_Pepper, Aka: Gant, Aka: Founder of New Danzilona, Aka: Man with Head Thicker than a McDonald's Milkshake, Aka: Power hungry madman with an ego bigger than Screenname's, decided making the people of New Danzilona miserable was simply not enough, and he had to take his sadistic entertainment of pain and suffering to the foreign masses. He went down south of Holy Tree where he stormed the small town of Vind, murdered their leader, slaughtered the townsfolk, razed the city, and was lauded as a hero for it. He then stole the land, settled a single house around which he then proceeded to claim all the land in a 1000 - 1500 block radius of.

Not content with his personal holocaust, he felt the need to cause more pain in the region. He forcibly evicted the populace of Syngrad from their homes, then evicted the residents of New Syngrad 1500 blocks away. He then tried to strongarm Screenname into giving up almost all of her expansion room and condemning her nation to death by asphyxiation. Screenname would not stand for this and boldly defied Gant's bullying.

Her defiance took the form of telling Gensokyojins to settle on "Gant's land" regardless of what he said, founding the settlement of Yurtstead. Seeing as how Gant had never touched nor probably ever saw the land he was claiming, she figured it would open the door to renegotiation. Instead it opened the floodgates of war, as Gant gave Screenname an ultimatum to tear down all Gensokyojin buildings in Yurtstead or he would do it. Screenname sent a demolition team to comply, however instead of being thanked for her cooperation, a standoff ensued at the Yurtstead area. Figuring enough was enough, Screenname wasn't going to be pushed around by Danzilonan goons any longer. Her defiance lead to the bloody battle at Yurtstead, after which a peace treaty was signed and Gensokyo was given the land that was rightfully hers.

Internal Conflicts within the HKE

"I've made a lot of hard choices since I took this job, but none as hard as this." - Screenname von Gensokyo

In late September Gensokyo joined the Holy Krautchan Empire with Grundeswald. Gensokyo's influence was completely diluted to the point of almost nonexistence. Gensokyo was given no official elector or recognition in the HKE. Despite Gensokyo's noticeable growth and geographic importance compared to other elector nations, some of which literally had a populace of only two citizens, Gensokyo never received official representation in the empire. As months passed, the populace of Gensokyo would stand for it no longer, and called upon their Queen to take action. With no other recourse, on November 10th Screenname issued an ultimatum to the HKE, demanding elector status and threatening secession if that demand was not met. The HKE complied and granted Gensokyo elector status and officially elevated it to the sixth elector of the empire.

Nation Building

Over the course of the next few months Gensokyo went on to create the states of Arreat, Cape Kogasa, and Kokoro. <WRAP right 330px>

The States of Gensokyo


Xia Annexation

On February 12th, 2015, Xia joined the Gensokyojin Confederacy due to a lack of activity, similarity in culture, and close proximity.

The Battle of Istanbul

"All of us have volunteered to fight for Gensokyo. Some came mainly because we were bored at home, thought this looked like it might be fun. Some came because we were ashamed not to. Many of us came because it was the right thing to do. This is a different kind of army. If you look back through history you will see men fighting for pay, for women, for some other kind of loot. They fight for land, power, because a king leads them, or just because they like killing. But we are here for something new, this has not happened much, in the history of the world. We are an army out to set other men free from their mudslime oppressors. No man has to bow. No man born to royalty. Here we judge you by what you do, not by who your father was. But it's not the land, there's always more land. It's the idea that we all have value - you and me. What we are fighting for, in the end, we're fighting for each other." - Screenname's speech before the battle.

On March 29th, 2015, Gensokyo moved to valiantly retake the city of Istanbul through military force. The New Detroit Niggers, a large battalion of federal troops commanded by Empress Screenname, stormed the rear of Istanbul in an attempt to flank the enemy. The high ground of the terrain proved unforgiving, and while Gensokyojin soldiers fought bravely and were more than a match for their Islamic enemies, they could not hold the area and were forced to make a tactical retreat. The expeditionary force was unable to retake the city and it remains in rebel held control.

The Reclaiming of Trenzalore

On September 1st, 2014, Trenzalore was incorporated into the Gensokyojin Confederation and in honor of the incorporation was given a new name; "Hakurei" and under the newly formed district of "Cape Kogasa". At this time Hakurei, as it was then known, was definitively uninhabited and had been griefed by suspected /pol/ nazis. The city was eerie and quiet with its imposing walls and broken ruins. Different conversations were had about restoration and habitation but nothing much ever came to be.

On April 4th, 2015, The honorable St_Leibowitz published a "Poland-ball" style comic to r/civcraft and to r/gensoukyou that was styled as a tour of the territories belonging to Gensokyo. This included the empty city of Hakurei(Trenzalore). It also alluded to the name and ownership changes. Unbeknownst to him, Ardent Trenzalorian supporter and Nationalistic Morlock; Perdikkas13, happened to be scrolling through r/civcraft as slow as humanly possible when he happened to see the Comic. Infuriated by the lack of respect given to his and the other former citizens of Hakurei(Trenzalore) over the obviously artful destruction of the city and the former citizens' wish to preserve the haunted shithole they knew as Trenzalore, he went on a patriotism-fueled rage through the gensokyojin subreddit swearing at every mention of the city. Some of their more educated statements include "Who the fuck gave you the rights to Trenzalore?" and "First, learn the fucking history of the town before you fucking claim it". He also insinuated to The Empress Herself that the city's current state of ruins was indeed the best way to preserve it.

Screenname, ever being the benevolent leader, engaged in diplomatic negotiations with the distressed individual and helped to peacefully resolve the situation. After a discussion about the city's best interests, an agreement was reached. The city was to be called Trenzalore again and was then registered as a historic monument. Perdikkas13 was granted full control of the city's direction, free from both domestic and international influence as per the language of the treaty. Tenzalore remains Gensokyojin territory. St_Leibowitz also edited his comic to reflect the changes.

Gensokyo - Holy Tree Border Conflict

On June 14th, 2015, a conflict erupted over border territories between Holy Tree and Gensokyo. Gensokyojin citizens had an immediate Déjà vu as they had posttraumatic stress attacks remembering Yurtstead. Nearby Mount Augusta and New Danzilonia were affected with the border conflict as well but to a lesser extent.

Enraged after seeing nearby territories as an encroachment near their city, despite being a year since they were active, recently revived Holy Tree citizens demanded three nations to give up parts of their land to restore ownership. Land settlements reclamation from New Danzilonia and Mount Augusta were easy enough as changes for them were negligible for them to care. When Holy Tree demanded that Gensokyo bend backwards to their wants too, a firm "no" was returned. This angered Holy Tree's de facto mayor, Callid13 so much, he blamed the negative response on Gensokyo's bellicose policies. An immediate "cold war-like" state started between the two nations, if one wishes to call Holy Tree one. With one or two randoms pearled near the border of Holy Tree, the city closed it's borders on June 14th. An immediate negotiation threadwas started to alleviate the crisis. This was eventually settled with the treaty of New Phoenix.

The Great Betrayal

On August 3rd, 2015 rebel matriarch, Selenanight, woke up on the wrong side of her pregnancy hormones, and with goading by known cheater and bandwidth hog, "Miku" Hatsumei, decided to declare the unilateral secession of the Goten district of New Detroit City. This was done because the people of Goten were raised poorly and were never taught to share as children, or at least this is the expert opinion on the subject given that the rebels cited no reason for revolting. It has been proposed that they did not approve of non-Goten citizens using Goten infrastructure but this is highly unlikely given that the rebels had no problem using non-Goten infrastructure and resources, and only a truly hypocritical idiot would apply such a double standard.

In a display of possibly even greater stupidity, newly "elected" tyrant patriarch and square-headed king kike carpetbagger, Prof. "Cuckhold Master" Transylvania, in defiance of standing international treaties with Gensokyo and against all ethical decency, unconditionally supported the rebel revolt. (Let me say that again. Unconditionally. He and Augusta were going to support the rebels even though what they were doing was illegal according to Gensokyojin law, which Prof ignored because it was "too hard to read," was illegal for Augusta to get involved because of the treaty of friendship, which Prof ignored because it was "too hard to read," regardless of what the rebels actually wanted, to which Prof said, "If they want you to give them $1000 of actual real life money you'd better do it." and was even illegal according to Augustan Law which outlaws secession of Augustan territory but hypocrisy seems to rule the government there.)

Within 48 hours, Augusta had aggressively annexed the rebel territory without making a single effort to negotiate with the Gensokoyjin government, telling them to negotiate with the rebels themselves. The rebels, with the unconditional backing of Imperial Augusta saw absolutely no need to negotiate with the under-strength Gensokyojins and refused to even speak.

Facing overwhelming odds, the brave Gensokyojins immediately shifted into defense of their homeland. The Army of the Sanzu immediately mobilized by destroying most bridges between Goten and New Detroit city, as well as setting up military blockades on all remaining roads.

Gensokyo knew full well they were under-strength, and called upon their many allies who were actually capable of honoring a treaty. Soon many Chanadian, HKE, FSR, Hjaltland, and Tigercrew affiliated individuals poured into New Detroit city to protest the rebels and defend Gensokyo. Soon, these individuals and their home states created a massive coalition of nations demanding that Augusta release Goten and allow Gensokyo to handle their own internal affairs or they would no longer recognize Mt. Augusta's sovereignty as a state.

Mt. Augusta, in another instance of inability to comprehend the English language, read this as: "We're coming to kill you, burn down your homes, and enslave you in the acid mines. Pot up suckers." As coalition members poured into New Detroit to celebrate the unity and peacefully protest Augusta's behavior, Augusta was planning their invasion. In an amazing display of diplomatic bullshitting, Augusta somehow managed to leverage their Defensive Pact with Nox into an Offensive Pact, and bolster their meat shield into a capable invasion force. As the Augustans began their invasion of New Detroit, the protesters evacuated the area for their own safety, and Augusta arrived to a deserted city with no innocents to slaughter. This was declared an Augusta "victory" despite there not actually being a confrontation.

Realizing that Augusta was incapable of doing anything honorable on their own, the noble peoples of Bryn decided to take it into their hands to solve the mess. The level headed individuals Greenble10 and Screenname worked out a treaty where Bryn would buy Goten's independence for a respectable sum of money. Understanding that Augusta would not let go and were prepared to wage genocide to get what they want, Screenname agreed for the sake of peace. The Goten crisis had ended without bloodshed, much to Augusta's dismay.

Operation Cashout

"It was a painful decision made of prudence. There was no sense living in that festering toxic hell hole. Still, all these years, all these memories... how do you say goodbye?" - Screenname von Gensokyo

Screenname knew that this was merely the first phase of Imperial Augusta's scheme to aggressively assimilate nearby territory, and it would not end here. Augusta would likely pay off more people to revolt in Gensokyo's fringe holdings or just openly annex the territory unconditionally as they attempted to with New Detroit City shortly after their invasion, citing democracy as a magically infallible benevolent system, and that any action taken by popular vote was immediately justified. They knew they could do this as they had already broken the friendship treaty and gotten away with it, and no longer had to honor any agreements they made, again citing democracy.

Months of territorial conflicts, loss of land, and being bordered by a tyrannical nightmare state that requires all nearby nations to march in lockstep with their foreign policy and function as little more than a vassal had made Screenname extremely weary. Knowing that the wars and the fighting would just go on and on and on, she knew it was time for it to end and refocus Gensokyojin priorities.

It was once again the ones who had settled the Goten conflict who came to the oppressed Gensokyojin's aid. Bryn agreed to purchase the entirety of Western Gensokyo for over 10000 diamonds, and ensure it would not fall to Augusta's greed. Knowing their beloved homes were in competent hands, the people of Gensokyo, giving the Western territories one last nod and a wink, set off to the sealed Eastern paradise of the Touhou region to begin again.

Night of the Dead Fags

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File:/groups/nations/immigration test.gif
Example of an immigration requirments test


Out of the clutches of the vile state of Mt. Augusta and the middle east as a whole, Gensokyo began a rapid policy shift. Gensokyo has embraced a philosophy of "the divinity of mankind", with scholars arguing that overpopulation has led to the degeneration of the Gensokyojin people. Actions of the Queen resulted in law being enforced which led to launch of Project Purification, its goal to remove unnecessary members of inferior quality from the population. Rounding up dissidents, traitors who had let the Goten conflict escalate and criminals of every kind; Gensokyo had them summarily executed on what is known as the Night of the Dead Fags, which culminated with the execution of a former executor who had betrayed the nation. New hard-line policies have been instituted into Gensokyo's immigration protocol, where new applicants must pass a citizenship test, sign an oath of loyalty, and meet specific requirements. These policies have ensured Gensokyo's stability and quality focus.

End of an Era

Now free from the bonds of aggressive foreigners, and purged of dissidents and inferiors, Gensokyo continued its inward perfection by focusing on cultivating a nation as beautiful as its neighboring Prussia. However this was not to last, as it had been announced that Civcraft 3.0 was coming, and the world plunged into the darkness of apocalypse. Disheartened, the Gensokyojin people soon after committed mass Sudoku. Whether this is where the story ends or not, it remains yet to be seen. Only time will tell.


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Gensokyojin Government Structure

</WRAP> <WRAP RIGHT 1150px>

Gensokyo is a Royal Autocratic Confederacy. The Queen operates the country on an international level and is in charge of external affairs. She has several appointed executors who can fill in for her on decisions and representations when she herself cannot be around.

The States of Gensokyo are entirely autonomous and can operate internally with any system of government they see fit. </WRAP>

National flags

Name of Flag Flag Description
First National Flag

"The Red Taijitu"

File:Http:// National flag of Gensokyo, flown above all Gensokyojin land territories and used to represent Gensokyo in game.
Genskoyjin Royal Flag

"The Rising Star"

File:Http:// Represents the Royal Family of Gensokyo and is used almost exclusively on reddit and in graphics.
Second National

"The Eastern Cross" Represents the geographic area of Touhou (East Gensokyo)
Akihabara Flag Represents the southern geographic area of Akihabara
Flag of the Executor Senate
File:/groups/nations/executor senate flag.png Represents the 7 Executors of Gensokyo

States and Flags

State Current Flag/s Incorporation Date Leader --- Gent 2015/02/22 03:40 --- Gent 2015/02/22 03:40
Yakumo September 1st, 2014 Screenname
Kokoro February 12th, 2015 Topaz
Higan File:/groups/nations/2.png February 12th, 2015 Screenname
Xia File:Http:// February 12th, 2015 Eccentrus (Screename Temporary Governor)
Akihabara File:Http:// March 26, 2015 Certainty and Centipede777
Kovanje (Cape Miyako) File:Http:// August 13, 2015 Numbers
Hourai File:Http:// August 13, 2015 Larry_Black

Former states and flags

State Current Flag/s Incorporation Date Disincorporation Date Leader --- Gent 2015/02/22 03:40 --- Gent 2015/02/22 03:40
New Detroit September 1st, 2014 August 13, 2015 Greenble10
Jericho File:Https:// September 1st, 2014 August 13, 2015 TerminusRob
Griffin File:Http:// September 1st, 2014 August 13, 2015 Greenble10
Goodsprings September 1st, 2014 August 13, 2015 Lunar_Emperor
Arreat October 24th, 2014 August 13, 2015 Larry_Black
Pagoda Island February 1st, 2015 August 13, 2015 Kthrizblox

Former Non City-State Cities and Flags

City Current Flag/s State --- Gent 2015/02/22 03:40 --- Gent 2015/02/22 03:40
New Detroit City New Detroit
New Gettysburg New Detroit
Free City of Trenzalore Cape Kogasa


Military Flags

Name of Flag Flag Description
Gensokyojin Military Flag

"The Bloodstained Banner" Represents the armed forces of Gensokyo and serves as the default Gensokyojin battle flag
Gensokyojin Naval Jack

"The Eastern Cross" Represents the naval forces of Gensokyo. 8 of the stars represent the 7 states and the nation as a whole. The other 4 represent the 4 fleets of Gensokyo
Wu Wei Warriors Corps

"The Defiant Gap"

File:/wuweiwarriors.png Flag of the Wu Wei Warriors, led by General Wesker Pawnch
Sanzu Corps

"Victory Banner"

File:Http:// Flag of the Sanzu River Corps, the bulk force of the Gensokyo army.
Mr. Moseby's Raiders

"No Running in My Goddamn Lobby"

File:Http:// Represents Mr. Moseby's raiders, a guerrilla faction of freedom fighters
Irish Brigade

"The Bloody Harp of Erin"

[[File:/{{/groups/nations/irish_brigade.png|150px]] Flag of the Irish Brigade of fighters for Gensokyo
Army of the Trans-Mississippi

"The Blue-Stained Banner"

trans_solidarity.png Flag of the segregated corps consisting exclusively of LGBT soldiers.
Cirno's Dismounted Cavalry

"9th Cavalry Brigade Flag"

File:/groups/nations/cirno s dismounted cavalry-01.png Flag of the 9th Cavalry Brigade, led by Cirno

Screenname von Gensokyo holds the title of commander-in-chief of the nation's armed forces and appoints its leaders. The Gensokyo Office of Defence administers the Gensokyo Armed Forces.

Military service is compulsary and citizens are encouraged to maintain their own private arsenals. Gensokyojin forces can be rapidly deployed by the Gensokyo's squadron of amphibious Palanquin Ships, which are capable of flight and sailing. The military operates at least one military base in all Gensokyojin states. The Gensokyojin military is currently locked at DEFCON 1 because Killer_Chris broke the knob on the switchboard. Gensokyo maintains 100 hidden Apocalypse Class Nuclear Missiles at the ready hidden all over the world.

Gensokyo boasts the most outrageous non functional military vehicles in the world. The Vice XJ9 Flower Siege Tank is considered the height of Gensokyojin military engineering, boasting twin 500mm Arclite Strike Cannons, and water tight hex-omni treads. It relies on its smaller cousin, the Rika 69A Flower Tank for support in battlefield operations.

<WRAP left 230px>
Flower Siege Tank Promo Circa 2015



The Official State religion is Daoism. The state officially sponsors militant Daoist groups to spread their message of peace. Other religions are tolerated but followers receive a monthly gift of a burning cross on their lawns from the government.

Public Holidays and Observances

The legal holidays, which are also public holidays, are the following:

  1. New Year’s Day, January 1st.
  2. Birthday of Robert E. Lee, January 19th.
  3. Birthday of Stonewall Jackson, January 21st.
  4. Confederate Memorial Day, April 26th.
  5. Confederate Heroes Day, May 10th.
  6. Independence Day, June 1st.
  7. Birthday of Jefferson Davis, June 3rd.
  8. Flag Day, June 14th.
  9. Gensokyo Day, September 1st.
  10. Yurtstead Memorial Day, September 7th.
  11. Aviation Day, September 11th.
  12. Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November.
  13. Birthday of Screenname, December 19th.
  14. Christmas Day, December 25th.