Great People's Republic

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The Great People's Republic
Flag of the Great People's Republic
Coat of Arms of the Great People's Republic
Activity levelPlanned (as of May 15, 2022)
National Colors
GovernmentUnitary Socialist Republic
Governing documentState Charter of the Great People's Republic [1]
• Premier
• Ministers
Foundation documentApril 28th, 2022 Criminal Code of the Great People's Republic[2]
LanguageAmerican English
National anthemNation Anthem of the GPR[3]

The Great People's Republic, also known as The Republic, or simply GPR. The Great People’s Republic (GPR) is a unitary socialist state aesthetically based on the real world "Hermit Kingdom" - the DPRK. The Republic's aesthetic is that of Korean socialist realism, having some of the most beautiful architecture Civ has to offer. The GPR is set to play on CivMC, after it's launch.





The name of the Great People's Republic is an extension of the nation itself, and it's governmental status as a Republic. As a display of their great sense of nationally and pride, it's prefixed with "The Great People's", establishing a sense of superiority.


The government of the GPR is an Unitary Socialist Republic. The government structure of the GPR consists of the Premier, who serves as the acting Supreme Leader and Head of State, and a Council of Ministers.

Post Name
Premier Exozz
Minister of the Council #1 N/A
Minister of the Council #2 N/A


The Great People's Republic takes inspiration from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or known simply as the DPRK or North Korea. This can be seen in the star symbolism on the nation's flag and CoA, along with it's proposed build style. This influence goes even deeper, with the nation's national anthem, "Potato Pride" (occassionally translated to "Oh Potatoes!"), which is a North Korean propaganda song released with government backing.

Foreign Relations

The Great People's Republic is apart of the COMRADES alliance, along with having formal pacts with aurellia and the Kingdom of ErrorL.