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A treasure map pointing to a Vorpal Sword Relic

EXPloration is a plugin exclusive to Civ+. It adds several items and mechanics related to crafting exp and enchanting items.

EXPloration was designed to encourage exploration through the world as an essential part of creating exp and progressing through the tech tree.

Treasure Maps

A Treasure Map is an item obtained by farming, fishing, mining, combat, and generally playing the game. The mechanics of a treasure map are similar to a Vanilla Explorer Map added in Minecraft Release 1.11, however the treasure is always at the center of a map.

On a treasure map, there are three important icons. If you are not within the terrain featured in the treasure map, your player's icon will be displayed along the edge or corner. There is also a red arrow where the treasure is located inside the map. Finally, along the top is displayed the name of the relic that is buried at the red arrow.

Once you have arrived at the location of the red arrow, particles will be displayed in the world where the treasure is. Breaking any block within these particles with a shovel will result in a Relic.


A Lunar Wand relic

Relics are special flavor items obtained from Treasure Map hunting. A given relic has a set enchantment at a random level. Relics are also used to craft exp.

Relics and Enchantments
Relic Name Enchantment Texture
Ancient Helmet Respiration Leather Helmet
Boots Of Midas Depth Strider Gold Boots
To The Fairest Feather Falling Golden Apple
Prehistoric Arrowhead Sharpness Flint
Lost Apocrypha Luck Of The Sea Book
The New Testament Projectile Protection Book
Wish Bone Fortune Bone
Harassment Architecture Fire Aspect Book
White Rabbit's Timepiece Lure Clock
Thor's Hammer Unbreaking Iron Axe
Gold Coin Looting Sunflower
Boots Of Midas Depth Strider Gold Boots
Milk of Human Kindness Aqua Affinity Milk Bucket
Captain Jack's Compass Bane Of Arthropods Compass
Telltale Heart Protection Fermented Spider Eye
The Lie Smite Cake
Workbench Blast Protection Workbench
Silk from Akkabah Silk Touch Paper
Paddlin' Stick Knockback Stick
Wonder of Alchemy Infinity Gold Ingot
Flamel's Stone Flame Redstone Block
Lunar Wand Fire Protection Torch
Shriveled Soul Power Coal
An Appeal To Heaven Punch Dead Bush
Angel Dust Efficiency Sugar
Vorpal Sword Vorpal Wood Sword

ExP Crafting

ExP is crafted using a mixture of crops and Relics. Any relic can be used, so it is advisable to use the relics with less valuable enchantments, like Fire Protection or Aqua Affinity.

ExP is used to fuel Sanctuaries and, in small part, to enchant items.


Recipe to enchant an item using relics

Using 5 emeralds, a relic, and any other item, you can put any enchantment on any item. This is not restricted to normal Vanilla Minecraft anvil limits. Because of this, relics can be used to create custom lore items by the players. As well, there is no limit to things like protection enchantments to armor or Smite/Sharpness/BoA on swords.


When Civ+Blitz: Season 1 launched, EXPloration took a very different form. You used a compass to find the direction and distance to the relic, and there was no limit to how often you could go relic hunting. The only way to reroll a relic location, should it be inaccessible, was to wait 1 hour at which point the compass target would reset.[1] On April 23rd of 2022, the plugin was updated to its current form.[2]


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