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For archiving notable civ related posts

Notable subreddit posts
Name Author Date Type Summary
Introducing a New Server: CivClassic iebagi 2016-07-23 Admin CivClassic 1.0 is announced
Information about CivClassic 2.0 and AMA! TealNerd 2017-06-01 Admin Announcement for the second (and current) iteration of CivClassic.
Civball Map of the World 2018 squareblob 2018-02-25 Art Civball map of the World as of february 2018.
A Guide to Getting Started on CivClassic specificlanguage 2019-06-24 Guide A newfriend guide to CivClassic that teaches the basics of the server.
Specific's list of Recommended Starter Nations specificlanguage 2019-06-11 Guide A newfriend guide on how to choose the best nation to start with among a list of several nations with their description.
The Lexington vault has been broken Maxopoly 2018-04-08 Conflict Announcement of the fall of Lexington and of the end of the Somber War.