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This article is about the ExilePearl plugin on CivClassic 1.16.1.

General Explanation

Exile Pearl is a successor to the original Prison Pearl plugin originally on CivCraft. Prison Pearl allowed for killing players while holding an ender pearl in your hotbar, which would imprison the player in The End as long as you maintained the pearl "holding" the player. Exile Pearl added to that by implementing a second tier which allowed you to choose between sending the player to The End to be "imprisoned" or keeping a player on the Overworld with certain restrictions, "exiled".

You've Been Pearled!

Another player has imprisoned you in an ender pearl. Your in-game actions will be limited until you are free, you can see the restrictions below. You can type /ep locate in-game to see the location of your pearl.

Players user pearling as a form of justice. You were likely pearled because you committed a crime (as judged by your fellow players) or because they don't like you. You will only be freed if your captors release you, your captors forget to fuel your pearl, or you get friends/allies to attack your captors and take your pearl.

You should speak to your captors! Players often pay their captors to be released, whether in diamonds, labor, etc. Some captors even ask their prisoners to write an essay on their crimes. Either way, you'll need to speak to your captors and find out the terms for your release.

Prison Pearl

Players who are imprisoned are stuck in The End and cannot use the portals to return to the Overworld. Prison Pearls are more expensive to maintain, so typically only the worst offenders are upgraded to Prison Pearls. You are able to be summoned by your pearl holder (if you both agree to the summoning) which lets you temporarily return to the Overworld. Typically this is done so that you can complete labor for your captors in order to work off your prison sentence.

Exile Pearl

Players who are exiled are able to play in the Overworld but with various gameplay restrictions, listed below.

Exile Restrictions

  • Unable to enter hostile bastion fields (Bastion_Allow_Exiled permission)
  • Unable to damage bastions
  • Unable to damage block reinforcements
  • Unable to PvP
  • Unable to throw ender pearls
  • Unable to use potions
  • Unable to place TnT
  • Unable to place snitches
  • If you are killed by a player you will randomspawn


Permission Name Function
/ep locate Locates your exile pearl
/ep free Free an exile pearl
/ep broadcast <group/player> Broadcasts your pearl location to a group or another player
/ep accept Accepts a pearl broadcast request
/ep silence <player> Stops pearl broadcasting from a player
/ep summon Summon a prisoner
/ep return Returns a summoned player
/ep confirm Confirms a summon request
/ep upgrade Upgrade a pearl using mana (Currently nonfunctional)
/suicide Usable for exiled players only. Use for when a pearled player gets stuck (eg. in reinforced blocks that they cannot destroy because they are pearled). They player will be killed after 180 seconds.