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Holy Church of Dolan
Ordained ProphetDhingus
Holy CityKingdom of Blackcrown
Holy SitesThe shrine of Dolan
Holy BookBook of Dolan
GovernmentReligious Hierarchy
Foundation DateMiddle period of Civcraft 1.0

Dolanism was founded mid Civcraft 1.0 by the Ordained Prophet Dhingus (the pious), following the burning of the dolan during which fresh converts self immolated to prevent the defacing of the holy one's effigy.

An effigy of Dolan attacked with lava

Dolanists worship Dolan, the father-god of all other gods that have ever been worshipped. They practice by erecting effigies in the yards and infrastructure of heathens (anyone who denies the existence of Dolan). However, as all other deities are seen as offspring of the True Father, it is tolerable to worship other gods.

Shrine to Dolan

Dolanist Holy text exists in the form of The Book of Dolan, the decoherent ramblings of an exiled Dhingus following the burning of Atmora and subsequent burning of the effigy.[1] During this time Our Lord did come to him and bespoke the text unto him. It is known, it is said.


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