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The Djanimehri is a group in Vintage Civ 2.0 including, likely among others, Luke (ingame Syndicaliste) and Dythanos. They are a proclaimed "peaceful nation of industrialists and farmers"[1].


The currently known history of the Djanimehri includes the attacks from Crimson Coasts[2] and later the retaliation raid against the Crimson Coasts, a large raid carried out by Dythanos to Crimson's home base[3]. It was revealed in a formal paper released by one of the Djanimehri people[1] that the raid was a coordinated attack planned and organized behind closed doors within the Crimson Coasts due to worry of Dythanos' aggression towards his neighbors in 1.0.

Now as a Djanimehri exile[4], Dythanos created a new group known as "Vehyaladjo"[5].

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