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The Colony of Devica (Spanish: "Colonia de devica", Serbian: "Колонија девица") is the furthest eastern outpost of the National Republic of Balkania, and is also the country's only other permanently inhabited settlement aside from the city of New Serbia and the capital of Istria.

Colony of Devica
Flag of Devica
The Coat of Arms of Devica
Part of Balkania
Server IterationCivCraft 2.0
Official LanguagesEnglish, Serbian, Spainsh
Coordinates-460, -11760
GovernmentColonial Governate
FounderKing Spongesuds I
Foundation Date17 June 2015


The Colony of Devica was founded based on a decision by the Balkanian Ministry of Economy to acquire more biomes to diversify Balkanian industry. A small fort, named "Fort Devica", giving the island it's name, was constructed there and the Balkanian flag raised. The Viceroyalty was officially chartered on the 17th of June 2015 with the signing of the Mission for Devican Settlers by King Spongesuds I, who was at the time Viceroy of the Colony. Soon after a group of three to five colonists were sent out to establish a settlement there and become the second populated township of the National Republic of Balkania.

Local government of the island was quickly turned over to Bubz, a local resident who was appointed Viceroy.

On the 30th of November 2014, with Balkania's transition from a monarchy to a democratic National Republic, Devica was reclassified from a Viceroyalty ruled by a Viceroy to a Colony ruled by a Governor.


The initial small island of Devica has been expanded with land-raising projects similar to the Polder Project in New Serbia. Jungle land is devoted to Sugarcane and Cocoa production, whereas the beaches are used for housing and other construction. Most homes are clustered on the southern beach, with the eastern beach being home to the Governor's Office and the town's factories. The island's architecture has a colonial Spanish theme to it.


The Colony of Devica's economy revolves around sugarcane and cocoa produced locally and then sold to the Balkanian government at a flat rate, which will always be purchased to support Devica. As part of the Colony's Charter, there are protectionist measures in place to prevent the selling of locally-produced Cocoa and Sugarcane to any other entity than the Balkanian National Government. It is linked to New Serbia via rail.

The Cocoa plant, one of the two central parts of the Devican economy, is also featured on their Coat of Arms.