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Civtest changelog



March 27: Launch

Civtest is launched with the following core mods:

  • Citadella and PlayerManager, successor to Citadel and NameLayer
  • farming, which provides functoinality similar to RealisticBiomes
  • FactoryMod
  • fancy_vend, which provides trading functionality


April 4
  • FactoryMod becomes CivIndustry; tech tree completely overhauled
  • Steel becomes Brittle Steel, new tier of steel (Fine Steel) introduced
  • Wrought Iron introduced
April 5
  • Roster of farmable plants greatly expanded
April 12
  • 'Radar' functionality of minimap disabled
  • Many more crops and foods added
  • Fewer recipes require a specific metal and ask for any 'metal' or 'ferrous' ingot instead
  • Scaffolding block added
  • More tools added
  • Charcoal oven buffed
  • Carpenter factory added
April 15
  • Add cosmetic pillar blocks
  • More food added
  • CivTobacco updates
  • Factories with inventories no longer invulnerable
  • Added Stronghold and Fortress blocks, direct upgrades to Obsidian, and Basalt and Granite blocks, cosmetic sidegrades to Obsidian
  • High tier factories are now much harder to break
  • Obsidian and blocks equal or stronger are no longer 'cuttable' in a crafting table
April 16
  • Combat tag logger is now pearled if killed
April 27
  • Updated to Minetest 5.2.0
  • Steel and wooden spikes added
  • Reinforcements now warmup and decay
  • Armour above iron overhauled: chestplates and leggings split into 3 types; chain mail, scale mail, and plate. New damage groups added: pierce, slash and bludgeon
  • Many new weapons added
  • Cosmetic and cloth armour added
  • Banners (flagpoles) added
  • Meat can now correctly be used in cooking recipes
  • PrisonPearl reworked into PrisonCells: Physical pearl holders now let you define the cell in which you keep a pearled prisoner
  • Added /factory_which command (alias /fw)
  • Punch interval changed from 0.2 to 1.0 seconds; damage multiplier changed from 10 to 2
  • Reinforcements reworked into three categories: Strong rebars, quick-maturing platings and slow but economical grout and cement
  • Blast furnace now makes ingots, coke oven buffed
  • Minor changes to Bookpress
April 28
  • You now need to break dirt, grass and sand with a hoe to till it
  • Added more types of hoe
  • Putting a glass block 2-3 blocks above a growing crop raises the temperature by 10%
May 2
  • Add senator's clothes and gambeson armour
  • Steel trapdoors are no longer locked to the player who placed them