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<WRAP right 315px> Diplomatic conflict between Holy Tree and Gensyoko ^

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Dates June 14th, 2015 - ongoing
Location Holy Tree
Result De jure ceasefire (June 15)
Nation of Gensyoko City of Holy Tree
Leaders and Commanders
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2 1


Gensyoko - Holy Tree border disputes

The Gensyoko - Holy Tree conflict began in early - mid June 2015, when a group of former members of Holy Tree decided to revive the town. It had been inactive, however, since early 2014, so Gensyoko, New Danzilonia, and Mount Augusta claimed some of Holy Tree's former lands. When Holy Tree was revived, they decided that all their old claims were valid. Drama ensued when it came to light that Gensyoko's claim reached within 20 or so blocks of Holy Tree's center, and negotiations began.

June 14: War Begins


Negotiations with Mount Augusta and New Danzilonia went fairly smoothly. Holy Tree recognized Mount August's claim and agreed to help rebuild it's factories, and came to a compromise with New Danzilonia over the border between HT and Riverford. NDZ also agreed to help pay for the rebuilding of HT's factories. However, negotiations between Holy Tree and Gensyoko failed. Holy Tree's argument was that Gensyoko had not yet used that land, while Gensyoko argued that Holy Tree's claims to the area had become invalid after remaining inactive for so long. Prussian diplomat dbb attempted to mediate, but Gensyoko demanded that it's claims remain and that they will be enforced via military, not accepting any compromise. Negotiations were broken off.

Fighting Begins

Holy Tree and Gensyoko never officially declared war, however, a skirmish occurred as a result of the failed negotiations. That evening, conflict broke out in the disputed area just west of Holy Tree, when two people under authority of Holy Tree (Gantoe and Folters) killed Kvote (a Prussian in support of Gensokyo) and pearled 8ofspades (siding with Gensokyo in that the area does not belong to Holy Tree), respectively. Holy Tree closed its borders following this, threatening to remove trespassers by force, in order to avoid having bystanders affecting in case of a full battle. 8ofspades placed a 50d bounty on Folters afterwards, while the supporters of HT claimed 8ofspades was griefing with a picture of him in the act of destroying a Holy Tree snitch. The incident remains controversial and was considered an act of aggression on part of HT by Gensokyo, while 8ofspades has yet to be freed.

June 15: Ceasefire

Following the events of the previous day, Holy Tree and Gensyoko entered a ceasefire. No reported violence occurred during the day on June 15, but that would not even last 24 hours. Negotiations began again and the borders were reopened; the negotiations are still ongoing.

June 16: The Ceasefire Breaks

Folters Pearled

In the early morning hours of June 16, the ceasefire was violated by Rekio (in support of Gensyoko) when he pearled Folters on an alt, GoatMan. Folters immediately placed a 200d bounty on Rekio for pearling him. 8ofspades' bounty on Folters had risen to a total of 205d due to contributions from others, and Folters' bounty on Rekio may grow as well. However, negotiations continue and the borders of Holy Tree remain open.